Set for drop watering plants

by Kelvin
Set for drop watering plants

I planned to install a drip irrigation system in a country house for irrigation of vegetables, the irrigation system itself is the third final element of my intentions for these purposes, I already wrote about the first two – a Touchez with an electronic timer and an electrical outlet with a timer in past reviews. However, having received the parcel, I realized that such a system would not be suitable for a summer cottage, everything was too thin and flimsy, except for watering indoor plants. Well, then we will consider this product as home use.

The parcel comes in a large plastic bag, inside which is a coil of thin hose and a bundle with parts


The kit includes a 23-meter hose, instructions, a plastic fitting for connecting to a water supply, a set of droppers, tees, connecting tubes, plug-in supports, plastic clamps with guards

Having sorted all the components by type, it turned out 10 passage droppers, 10 end droppers, 15 tees, 2 couplings and 10 clamps

The fitting for connecting to the water supply has a diameter of внутренней inch internal thread

With it comes a mesh to protect droppers from pollution and some kind of gasket with a small hole, the purpose of which I did not understand at first

Plastic hose, soft, wall thickness slightly less than a millimeter

Tube Diameter 6 mm

Hose stand length 11 cm

Tube Diameter 10 mm

Tube Length 6 cm

The clamps are tightened to be put on the hose and in this form are stuck in the ground

I assumed the use of the tubes should be like this

But later from the instructions I learned that the tubes must be worn on the hose for mechanical protection in places of possible damage

Plastic tees, put on the hose in tightness, cast not very high quality, but this does not affect the functionality and even the appearance, as they will be hidden inside the tube

The drip passage has a thin disk and a small hole in it, and water will drip through it

The end dropper is thicker, it is cast, there are no holes in the disk

Getting to the trial operation, in a hurry I thought that the fitting should wrap itself around the neck of a 1.5 liter bottle, but in fact it turned out that the thread pitch did not match, I had to take a drill and drill the lid with a 6 mm drill

We cut the tube with scissors of the required length, the plastic is soft, lends itself without problems

And with effort we insert the tube into the hole drilled in the plug, the hose is elastic, the connection is quite tight

For the first experiment, I decided to take two pots and two different droppers – a passage and an end

From the first thing that came to hand, I build an irrigation tank with a stand (where the 10 liter bucket from under mayonnaise came from at home I can’t imagine)

Again we cut the hose at a distance necessary for watering the first pot

And with effort we insert a drip into it, the instruction advises to warm the hose in hot water to facilitate the procedure, but as for me, it’s not difficult without it

Then at the junction we mount the stand, it turned out to be much more difficult to insert it (later I understood why), and heating in this case will not help

The result is such a design as a result

We supply water to our drip system, and here’s your time, a drip instead of droplets spurts

And the end dropper pokes from all the cracks

After a couple of minutes, the stream in the first dropper dried up, giving way to a frequent drop, but the end dropper continued to poke out from under the hose, and the passage, as it turned out later, also. Which of these is the conclusion? Apparently, the racks are set incorrectly and violate the tightness of the connection

We take the scissors again in our hands and cut the hose, it would be possible to simply pull the hose off the dropper, but this is not rubber, the plastic remembers the tension and, having mounted it in a new and correct way, you can still get a leak in the place of the tube deformation

We put the stand on the hose a little further than the dropper, such a connection is already less monolithic

But it confirms my hunch – the leak from a place not provided for by the design stops

Deciding to measure the flow rate of water from two droppers, he drew half-liter risks on the bottle, timed it, and waited. Frequent drops were replaced by rare drops – a drop per second, and then completely in a few seconds, while the plastic bottle was squeezed due to discharge.

I made a hole in the top of the bottle and the jet started to flow again in the dropper, the end dropper began to drip often. A small pot immediately overflowed. I had to continue the experiment with a larger one.

Now it becomes clear why a gasket with a small hole is provided in the connection to the water supply – it reduces the flow of water and droppers give the correct drops.

It is possible to achieve the same effect by installing a crane at the inlet, reducing the pressure to the required level.

Summing up, I can say that this drip irrigation system has the right to exist in gentle operating conditions, that is, indoor and with the unconditional availability of a source of clean water.

You can buy a set for drip irrigation

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