Sewing, birds & fights: 5 chains YouTube to be continued in March 2021

by Kelvin
Sewing, birds & fights: 5 chains YouTube to be continued in March 2021

For March 2021, our selection includes tailoring, birds, martial arts, song and epidemiology. Did you say motley?

The beautiful days are returning and with them the desire to take the air. Not easy with the 6 p.m. curfew and local confinements. Also for this selection YouTube for the month of March, we offer you mixed content, which invites you to go out – if of course the sanitary rules have been relaxed – to stay at home. And if nothing suits you, take a look at our previous editions.


Before going any further, two small things to note: first of all, we made the decision to unite our two channels YouTube in one, for more simplicity: the contents of the Vroom channel therefore join the Numerama channel. We tell you everything here. In addition, if you missed it, we have made a recap of the videos that punctuated the last year.

Alaska Workshop

Do you twiddle your thumbs after 6 p.m. because of the curfew? Instead of spinning them around, why not use them to get started at sewing? The Atelier Alaska chain invites you to get started, with guides to learn to sew and to create your own clothes and accessories. This channel would undoubtedly have been very useful to Thérèse in …

Clamavi De Profundis

If you like songs that have a certain depth, are tinged with heroism and which fill you with inspiration, the Clamavi De Profundis channel is to be discovered. She invites you to discover, among other things, musical creations around the myth of Middle-earth by JRR Tolkien. If after that you don’t feel like grabbing your ax and heading towards Mordor …

Perì Fyseos

What could we say about the Italian channel Perì Fyseos? These are just close-up bird videos. But that’s the whole point: birds in close-up. The opportunity to see them in their natural habitat, going about their bird occupations. And in addition, you are entitled to the surrounding sounds, with the songs of birds, the sound of a flowing river, the wind in the trees. It is relaxing.

Alpha risk

The Risque Alpha channel, run by Tristan, is admittedly not really active lately, but it seemed useful to us to point out, because Tristan is a public health doctor. In these times of pandemic, his knowledge is therefore decisive. It talks about clinical trials, risk factors, global health, causality and correlation, and even life expectancy.

Greggot TV

Greg Gothelf is a martial arts teacher who has been offering martial arts content for several years on his Greggot TV channel. There are guides to learn the basics of boxing and know how to punch with the bag, to use the wooden dummy or to dissect wing-chun techniques. Strength exercises are also provided, in order to strengthen the general shape of the practitioners.