Share files between Android and iPhone, fast and wireless

by Kelvin
Share files between Android and iPhone, fast and wireless 1

Our mobile devices have enough space to be filled with applications, photographs, videos and music. Much of that content is generated by ourselves recording videos or taking pictures. And to share that content We have social networks, online storage services or instant messaging apps, for just three examples.

But what happens when we want to send something from our Android or iPhone to another iPhone or Android that we have in front of us? Isn't there a simpler alternative do not go online? Apparently, the solution is SHAREit.


Your cover letter is impeccable. Up to 200 times faster than Bluetooth technology and with a transfer rate of about 20 megabytes per second. Free and without connecting any cables. Y without uploading anything to the cloudof course.

Share files between Android and iPhone, fast and wireless 2

SHAREit It is available for download on both Android and iPhone / iPad. It also has version for Windows and macOS, so that we can also send and receive files between PC, Mac and smartphone or vice versa through the same Wi-Fi connection.

Easy and fast to use

Its operation is simple. The app must be installed on both devices, who sends and who receives. From the app that will send the files, click on the button Send that we will find on the main SHAREit screen. Then we look for the device from whom will receive our files. No matter the quantity or size thereof.

When someone wants to send us something, we will receive a notification to accept or decline the files. Once we have accepted, we will see a list similar to that of any download application indicating the shipping progress.

Share files between Android and iPhone, fast and wireless 3

Another incentive of SHAREit is that it incorporates a player for watch videos or listen to music directly from the application. However, we can reproduce the content we have shared with SHAREit from any other app. Also has your own catalog of multimedia content, which we can do without or ignore if we do not like what it offers.

Share without spending data

Those responsible for this app say that to make the connection between Android devices and / or iPhone do not use Bluetooth or the telephone network (3G / 4G), so that we will not consume mobile data. We will only need to have the Wi-Fi connection active so that both devices “meet”.

In short, if you need to share heavy files with someone you have nearby and do not want to go through the cloud, cables or external disks, with SHAREit you can send any video, song, application, folder or compressed file in seconds, or at most A few minutes.

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