Shift: Squadron 42 takes three months longer [Notiz]

by Kelvin
Verschiebung: Squadron 42 braucht drei Monate länger

Image: Cloud Empire

Cloud Imperium Games puts on a "staggered development" around. The beta of Squadron 42 is therefore being postponed again and will be scheduled for release three months later in the third quarter of next year. By changing the approach, the developers promise long-term benefits.

With "staggered development"Means the studio a reorganization of the way of working. Internal teams now have different release dates for their features. As a result, a team should complete a major update every few quarters. This will benefit the quality of the work, writes Cloud Imperium Games. Because it is still developed software in the alpha stage, but with fewer major errors.


The game itself will still receive an update every quarter, because always a team to cope with the work. As soon as the new process has been implemented, the content of each patch will also match the current state, but in higher quality, Cloud Imperium promises games in the FAQ for the conversion. The publication of new vehicles is not even temporarily affected, since the teams have been working for some time in accordance with the new way of working. This will also revise the roadmap. Features for version 4.0 of the game as well as some missing elements would be added and inserted as soon as clearer deadlines were determined.

Out of the process of transition, there is also the delay of Squadron 42, which uses parts of Star Citizen's program code. But the work on this game would also benefit in the long term from a more stable code base, write the developers. The renewed delay can hardly surprise but not only because of the meanwhile numerous date changes: Already with indication of the now invalid date the developers spoke of "aggressive"Aim and hinted at the possibility of additional time requirements.

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