Should you use a smart watch or an exercise tracker if you have a condition …

by Kelvin

When I started using a Fitbit Versa Lite To follow my steps (and, in theory, to exercise, if I ever did), I soon realized that the exercise tracker irritated my skin.

I have a history of skin conditions, with eczema that enlarges your head from time to time. In a short time, a rash began to form on my arm, and after a few more moments using the skin, I began to detach myself as well.


It was a bleak picture, I know, and something very alarming happened on my wrist. Am I allergic to Fitbit silicone straps or am I wearing it too loose, which causes it to shake and rub?

Is eczema even involved, even though the smartwatch doesn't contain anything that usually takes it away from me?

To learn more about how skin conditions can get worse with portable technology, I spoke with Dr. Anjali Mahto of the British Association of Dermatologists.

Should you use a smart watch or an exercise tracker if you have a condition ... 2

Mahto has written extensively about problems and conditions of skin care, and I ask the question of whether smart watches and physical activity trackers should be avoided when you have skin conditions.

How does portable technology affect skin conditions?

Our first question for Mahto is about he the Skin conditions may be affected by portable products: "There is a possibility that inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis are exacerbated by usable technology." So, although not all skin conditions can be affected, some of the most common may.

"Tight clothing, jewelry or watches in general will not be recommended for people with inflamed skin conditions, as they can improve the condition of rubbing the skin." Mahto explained, and this could have caused my initial reaction. .

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If you do not have a skin condition, it is not clear. "The belt can be the perfect environment for bacteria to grow," so your skin won't be clean even if it doesn't affect you.

Mahto continued: "These bacteria are generally harmless, but if someone has damaged the skin due to an inflamed skin condition, there is a risk of infection, although this is not a commonly reported problem."

What should you do if you react to your fitness tracker or smart watch? "This may be a sign that the device is causing problems, and you should consult your general practitioner or dermatologist if you are concerned about changes in your skin."

How can you use portable technology if you have a skin condition?

If you have conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, but you fall in love with a smart watch or an exercise tracker, don't worry, you don't have to lose your favorite device. Instead, there are steps you can take to avoid dangerous use.

"It is very important to let your skin breathe without using it for a long time," Mahto told us.

Although you may appreciate the waterproof nature or sleep tracking function, it may be a good idea to remove the device in the bathroom or while taking a nap after work for your skin to breathe.

Remember to take your watch off once in a while

Remember to take your watch off once in a while

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In my experience, I discovered that regularly changing the wrists I use Fitbit Versa Lite also gives my skin the time it needs.

Mahto continued: "It is also recommended to make sure you clean the skin where you are using the device and clean the device with antibacterial solutions."

A June 2019 study of Tic watches He discovered that smart watches can be three times as dirty as the average toilet. Physical activity trackers are eight times as dirty as the average toilet, but the advice given by the site is regular cleaning.

If you are looking for smart watches and have a skin condition, you should also remember what is made of portable material. Mahto said: "Contact allergies are very common, especially nickel allergies. Because of this, devices that contain nickel can cause skin problems, such as itchy skin rashes."

I also discovered that changing Versa Lite tape from silicon to cotton helps, and there are many Fitbit Versa band to choose from There are many physical activity trackers and smart watches, and bands for them, which when you buy, you can find one that does not affect your skin.

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