Sign up here to be the first to download Call of Duty: Mobile on Android

by Kelvin
Sign up here to be the first to download Call of Duty: Mobile on Android

Call of duty It is one of the great franchises of video games and there is little left to make the leap to the mobile market, a land that few companies resist. As you probably know, the game joins the acclaimed genre Battle Royale in one of its aspects, without abandoning the classic game mode by which this saga is characterized. At the time of writing these lines we still can't download the title, but we can register in the Android Google Play to receive a notice when it is officially launched.

Therefore, it is interesting to register and forget about being aware of the internet or other information media; The notice will come to you as soon as you can download the game. In the following lines we tell you how you can register.


This is all that awaits us in COD for mobile

As we indicated before, Call of Duby: Mobile It has been proposed to bring us the experience of console games, but to the screen of our phones and tablets. Activision confirms that it will be a title «multiplayer face to face»And that will have several maps and classic modes of all Call of Duty, including Black Ops and Modern Warfare.

On the other hand, there is the mode Battle Royale exclusive For this installment that as many will imagine, it puts us to fight between 100 players and the last one standing is the one who wins the war. We can team up with a partner (duo mode) or in a formation of 4 users (quartet) to fight the contest.

Of course there will be no missing vehicles with which to track (or flee) the map among which stand out quads, helicopters, 4 × 4 and tactical water rafts.

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Unlike the other games in the franchise, we can Download Call of Duty: Mobile for free on both Android and iOS, although it is true that you will have (optional) purchases within the app to purchase extra items.

At the moment we can sign up for Google Play on Android to get a notification when the game officially launches. You can activate this function by touching the button that we leave just below.

Sign up here to be the first to download Call of Duty: Mobile on Android 2

Additionally, you can also pre-register on the official website of the game to get news of it, access to trial phases, get rewards and so on.

Remember that Call of Duty: Mobile is available in some countries as a trial, such as in Canada, Australia and Peru. Little by little it will be extended to other locations, once it leaves its beta phase.