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by Kelvin
Novedades en Telegram: chats silenciosos, emojis animados, chat lento...

Telegram is one of the best instant messaging applications we have today. Well, let's face it, in our opinion, it's the best, but WhatsApp has a greater number of users. Anyway, Telegram launches interesting functions every little time and the latest update has included several of them and they are the best we can find in this application. An app of this style not only serves to send messages, has a strong social factor and improving the user experience to all its users is essential and the new update focuses precisely on it.

For those of you who haven't tried Telegram yet, we strongly recommend that you do so. The number of options, functions and improvements that it presents with respect to any other instant messaging application They make the change totally worth it. In addition, it is multi-device, so we can have it on different devices simultaneously. At the moment the new update is only available for the mobile version, on PC it does not present so many changes.


Telegram allows you to send messages without disturbing

Imagine you're talking to someone on Telegram and going to sleep. Suddenly, you want to send him a message again, an idea for example, but you don't do it for fear that he has the phone in sound and that wakes him up. Do not worry, With Telegram you can now send messages that will not sound or vibrate. To do this you just have to press and hold the send button and it will offer us the option to send without sound.

Telegram pioneered the introduction of GIFs and stickers (animated and fixed) within the app. Now we see how it will also feature animated emojis. No, we don't talk about animated emojis like the heart of WhatsApp, but something more elaborate. Sending the emojis ❤️???????????????????? we will see how they appear large with an animation referring to that emoticon. In addition, if we touch on the heart, every time we see beats, the phone will make some small vibrations. Nonsense maybe, but curious at least.

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New share menu on Android

Telegram has taken the opportunity to change the share menu on Android and is now much better than it was. Large now we have a grid with the photos of our phone and at the bottom, the option to transfer photos from the gallery, documents, location or contacts. So far the change is merely aesthetic, but there is a big change in the functionality of this new menu.

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If we select one of the photographs of the grid by a long press, a three-dot button will appear in the upper right corner. Tapping on that button, we will be given the option to send it without compression, a much more comfortable way to avoid the loss of quality of our photographs when shared by Telegram.

Telegram names administrators and greatly improves videos

If you are an administrator of a Telegram group, you will see how next to your name puts just that, administrator. Now, the app allows us to change the name shown for each of the admins, perfect if it is a more professional-oriented group or a brand with its users, thus showing the position of each of the group administrators (or also to play dumb with your friends for a while, of course).

There are users who do not stop sharing videos so you can see a fragment of them. From now on, when you send a video, you can put a timestamp with the format “M: SS” that is, minute and seconds. After doing this, if the person touches on the timestamp, the video will start in that same place, as we see in YouTube. In addition, scrolling through the video will show a small miniuatura of its content.

Slow chat for Telegram

When using Telegram, one of the main reasons for doing so may be because it is within a large group or community. The problem of this (as in the direct of Twitch, for example) is that the number of messages is overwhelming and too fast to read or give them importance. Because, now the administrator can activate the slow chat, which will limit how often a message can be sent (from 0 seconds to 1 hour). With this function, it is intended to reduce spam and unimportant or annoying messages, because now each message takes on a greater meaning and the annoying flood of some groups is avoided.

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As you can see, Telegram continues to add features of interest update after update. What we regret most is that they are not the most popular instant messaging app of the moment.

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