Sileo v1.7.1 officially released for Chimera jaimebreak users and checkra1n


Sileo's team leads Twitter On Wednesday night we share that they have released the latest version of the Sileo package manager called v1.7.1 with various improvements, but that's not all. Tweet also notes that the new Sileo build is available for Chimera and checkra1n jaimebreak users.


Team Sileo attempted a port check for Sileo's package manager just before the new year, and despite a fragile initial release that quickly fell and caught fire, Team Sileo now appears to be making a second attempt, this time with Diatrus' help, a name that may sound familiar if you've used an unofficial Sileo port before.

Sileo v1.7.1 officially released for Chimera jaimebreak users and checkra1n 3

For those who don't know, this is good news. Diatrus is very famous for the third-party Sileo port that allows checkra1n users to have Cydia and Sileo on the same device as the jailbreak, although it is said to be incompatible with its dependencies.

Starting with Sileo v1.7.1, the new installer no longer replaces all the important components of bootstrap checkra1n. The only exception to that statement is APT, and perhaps not surprisingly, this has implications for Cydia in jailbreak verification.

In addition to the great news mentioned above, it should be noted that Sileo v1.7.1 is a built-in version for Chimera and checkra1n, and this means that a jailbreaker using Chimera on iOS 12 (and soon iOS 13) can also be upgraded to Sileo v1. 7.1 to take advantage of the new speed benefits, with the Get button, which is much faster than in Sileo v1.6.1.

If you use the checkra1n tool and want to try Sileo, you can follow the steps in our detailed tutorial. To get started, you need to add the following repository URL to your current package manager:

Will you test Sileo in your jailbreak now because Diatrus has a role in the official installer? Discuss in the comments section below.

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