The launch of iOS 13 has arrived earlier than expected and has caught us all off guard. If you have an iPhone 6s or higher you just have to enter the terminal settings, then go to the ‘General’ section and here locate the one corresponding to the software update. It is quite likely that you will find a system update that includes, among other novelties, a dark mode, which changes the traditional black text on a white background to a white text on a black background, and the integration of Siri into third-party applications. We are left with this latest development since Google Maps and Waze have updated to take advantage of it.


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Siri will tell you where to go with the car from now on

Both applications, whose essential function is that you go from a point A to a point B without getting lost, either by car, on foot or with other means of transport, are already compatible with the intelligent assistant of AppleSiri Thanks to this update of Google Maps and Waze, Siri can become your best ally when driving. From now on, whichever of these two is your preferred application for driving, you can ask your mobile phone, directly, or CarPlay in your car, where to go so that, automatically, start giving you the directions. Without using your hands An advance that all iPhone users were waiting for as Siri is the Smart Assistant they usually use, to the detriment of the Google assistant.

These new features will only be available in the latest versions of Google Maps or Waze. It may even be that when you download the applications you still have not activated this new co-pilot tool, so you will have no choice but to wait for the update to arrive. Just in case, if you urgently need this new update of the applications, go regularly to each of its pages in the App Store to verify if, finally, you have it already available. In this link you can check if you have updates from Google Maps and also be able to download the application itself. On the other hand, on this page you must enter if you are interested in using Waze. Do not miss Siri being your new co-driver from now on and download them now!

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