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Siri, the voice assistant integrated with iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch and at HomePod, is now smarter thanAmazon Alexa, the speaker assistant Echo, reports a study. In the last 12 months, the assistant developed by Apple has greatly improved. Despite everything, he fails to compete with Google Assistant, which is still considered the number one ranking. Discover the latest trends.


Wolf Ventures has put in place a regular test of personal assistants connected speakers available on the market. During this test, the firm asks 800 questions to Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa to elect the most intelligent assistant available. The experts then compare the answers provided by the artificial intelligences. The tests were carried out with an iPhone under iOS 12.4 and a Pixel XL under Android 9 Pie.

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Siri responds correctly to 83% of queries, against 80% for Alexa

Without surprise, Google Assistant once again stands out as the most effective assistant on the market, with 93% of relevant answers. Last year, the Google Assistant did not exceed 86%. The assistant understands and answers correctly the majority of questions, whatever the theme.

In number two, we find for the first time Siri. The iPhone assistant finally managed to exceed Alexa with 83% of relevant answers. According to the study, Siri has greatly improved in the understanding of basic telephone commands, such as calls, sending SMS, sending emails or music control.

For the first, Amazon Alexa is relegated to third place, with only 80% correct answers. The study notes the strong improvement of the assistant, who still had to contend with a success rate of 60% last year. It should be noted however that the tests were done on smartphone via the Alexa application and not on an Echo speaker. It is not impossible that the choice of medium has put artificial intelligence at a disadvantage. Do you confirm the results of this study? Are you surprised by Siri's progress?

Source: Wolf Ventures

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