SiriOS? Apple can launch a new operating system for smart devices

SiriOS? Apple can launch a new operating system for smart devices 1

Who follows the universe Apple You have noticed that brands treat their operating systems differently. Recently it has started to treat each one of them in a very specific way and with specific specifications for their context.

So we have iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS and others that are more targeted to the platform they run on. With this specialization, it is natural that some voices begin to question themselves. It's time to Apple start thinking about doing SiriOS.


A Apple have a new operating system on the way

With these questions beginning to reappear, the first information comes from sources close to him. Apple. The last indication that this new operating system could come from companies and investments in mangroves.

In you The report "Voice Tech 2019" is said to have reliable information that SiriOS has been created. This is already in advanced preparation and is being tested internally.

The data is presented further and illustrates your presentation immediately. Follow which line Apple After being inhabited by us, SiriOS will be presented next year during WWDC 2020. At that time, all the new features of the system are shown to the developers.

SiriOS Apple HomePod Siri IoT

SiriOS can now arrive for HomePod

More important than your presence in the universe. Apple, it is important to understand where SiriOS will fit. This will not only be a system dedicated to certain hardware, but also for various platforms. This will be dedicated to future IoT teams Apple Come do.

Dedicated to voice search with Siri in the middle, the first objective will be clear. HomePod will receive and test the first version of this new operating system. This smart speaker is only as an interface for Siri and can only be obtained from this integration.

The most pressing problem is that this device already has a special system ready for you. AudioOS is in the middle of the speaker Apple and it has been developed around you and according to your needs.

SiriOS Apple HomePod Siri IoT

Simple way to bring Siri to IoT

What needs to happen is that SiriOS will focus more on seeing the sound Apple and can be used on all equipment that meets this need. This would be the ideal operating system for computers that come from HomePod but are smaller and focus on other objectives.

The question remains whether Apple It really invests in this new operating system and prepares some special equipment to accommodate it. The market is adapting positively to this new virtual assistant, so there is room for new products from the company.

This will be a logical path to follow, but it depends on many factors. It's still a rumor, but it makes sense if it's real. A Apple You must make a new proposal and it is not like having a system adapted to what they can do.

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