SiTaxi, order a taxi in Barcelona from your iPhone

by Kelvin

Find in Barcelona the taxi you need with SiTaxi for iPhone

One of the elements that stand out in big cities are public transport services. Buses, subways and taxis are necessary to be able to transfer a large number of users in the shortest possible time, always trying to make a wink to the environment and generating sustainable services for citizens. There are periods of the day when using a taxi is a very complicated task. At peak times, finding a free taxi becomes an odyssey. At dawn and depending on where you are, they are not always available. And what about find a taxi that allows animals, small children or a group of more than four people.

SiTaxi, order a taxi in Barcelona from your iPhone 10

SiTaxi is a free application developed for both iPhone and iPad with which you can request a taxi in Barcelona anytime. Available in three languages, Spanish, Catalan and EnglishWith this app you will find the taxi you need quickly, establishing the type of service you require, the number of people, what you are going to transport and much more. You just need to indicate where you want to go and you will be assigned the nearest available taxi To the place where you are.

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Identify yourself as a SiTaxi user for iPhone

After downloading the app, to start using it you must create a user in SiTaxi. The application will ask you for your first and last name, an email account that you use to validate the registration as a user, a password to be able to log in to SiTaxi and your mobile phone. After entering this information, you will receive an email with a link to confirm that you are the user. Once this is done, with the email account and password you can log in and start ordering taxis in Barcelona.

SiTaxi, order a taxi in Barcelona from your iPhone 11

Ordering a taxi with SiTaxi

When you log in SiTaxi you will directly access the Maps option from which you can request a taxi. The app, using The geolocation systems of your iPhone will find where you are and will take you on the map view. You can use the pinch screen gestures to zoom in or out on this map and with your finger move to other places. In this map will appear some taxi-shaped symbols to tell you where the taxis that use this app are located. This way it will be easier for you to decide if you prefer to walk a little to pick it up or request it directly from your mobile phone. To the right of the area that tells you which street you are on there is a radar-shaped icon from which you can activate or deactivate the taxi radar. With the radar activated, if a taxi is near the area you are in, you will see its position on the map. Touchez at the bottom of the maps view to order a taxi.

SiTaxi, order a taxi in Barcelona from your iPhone 12

The request for a taxi is a really simple task. Indicate where the taxi should pick you up, optionally you can indicate where you want to go, add the comments you deem appropriate and the service options. These options have to do with the number of passengers that needs to be transported, if animals are taken, if you have any disability (for example you go in a wheelchair), you want the taxi to be ecological (for example an electric taxi), if you carry babies, if you go to the airport or if you prefer to be picked up by a driver with whom you have traveled previously and added it to your list of favorite taxis. Too you can indicate the payment method, either using a bank card (Visa or American Express), or paying in cash (in this case it is not necessary to mark anything).

SiTaxi, order a taxi in Barcelona from your iPhone 13SiTaxi, order a taxi in Barcelona from your iPhone 14

Confirm the request and SiTaxi will look for the taxi that fits the service options you have requested. If you have checked the option of keep the service on a list of pending services for five minutes, in case the taxi you are looking for is not immediately available, this service can be seen by the rest of the taxi drivers and take it so you don't run out of service.

When a taxi has confirmed that it will pick you up, you will receive a message that tells you which taxi is going, what car model it is, what registration number and license number. further you will be able to follow the position of the vehicle through the app at all times so you know the distance you are from your collection.

The SiTaxi menu

In the upper left of the map screen is the icon to access the SiTaxi menu. The available options are:

  • Maps: From which we can ask for taxis and show us where we are and where the taxis are located.
  • Addresses: This option will allow you to add the addresses you use most frequently by adding an β€œalias” so you can quickly identify them. You can use these addresses quickly when you request a taxi.
  • Favorite Taxis: If you have gone with a taxi driver and you liked the way he took you to the place you wanted, you can store it as a favorite taxi and request that this taxi driver pick you up by checking the option in the Service Options of the taxi request screen.
  • Profile: Modify your personal data from this option and set by default the service options you want to request.

SiTaxi, order a taxi in Barcelona from your iPhone 15


SiTaxi is an app that offers advantages to both the customer who needs a taxi and the taxi driver who spends long hours in the street waiting for customers. For the client, who becomes a passenger in the taxi, SiTaxi offers you to request the type of taxi that best suits your needs, being able to know at all times where is the taxi you have requested and without the possibility that a horny taxi driver wants to make a detour to take longer to reach a specific address. For the taxi driver, the app offers you to link directly to the iPhone's GPS to use the fastest route and access the list of taxi requests for five minutes in case the requested service is not available.

Further, SiTaxi has been included in the Air Quality Improvement Plan in Barcelona 2014 since it manages to optimize taxi journeys by reducing pollution and making mobility more sustainable in the city of Barcelona.

SiTaxi, order a taxi in Barcelona from your iPhone 16

Download SiTaxi for iPhone and iPad

If you do not have this application on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you can install it through the direct download link, from the App Store, which you will find below.

SiTaxi, order a taxi in Barcelona from your iPhone 17

SiTaxi is in the App Store, requires iOS 6.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. It is available in the following languages: Spanish, Catalan, English.

And remember, If you need to take a taxi, with SiTaxi you can easily request it.

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