Skype Enter the dark mode in your iOS and Android mobile app

by Kelvin
Skype Enter the dark mode in your iOS and Android mobile app 1

If there is one trend To stand out in recent years, whether in the field of mobile devices or desktop platforms, it is certainly the dark mode; we see how more and more are the companies that are getting to work and are updating their applications to adapt them to this popular style. Companies among which it stands out Google, since it is one of the most app dark has in its catalog.

Skype get in the car in the dark modes

However, this time we will not talk about Google, but about Microsoft. This is because it is the application of Skype the one you just introduced, finally, the dark mode both in its version of iOS and Android. Specifically, it does so with the version change to 8.52 and can now be downloaded from the Play store and the Store of Apple.


To prove it, all you have to do, after completing the corresponding update, will access the menu of setting of the application and select the dark mode within the "modes" section. In addition, and as with many other apps, we can set it for ourselves or let it be the own system who adapts it depending on how we have it configured; so, the change will be made automatically.

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It also incorporates group call programming

But the inclusion of the dark mode is not the only one that counts Skype in its last update. Its developers have also introduced a function as interesting as it is to schedule group calls. Thus, within the chats themselves we can press the blue button with a “more” symbol that appears to the left of the drawer where we write our posts and we will open a dropdown that will allow us to establish a reminder on the date and time chosen to carry out the call.

As we see, Skype doesn't want to be left behind in the tough competition that today have multiple messaging applications open. Maybe today Skype I didn't have as many users as I did in the past, but added as interesting as those of his latest update make it more attractive and can be present in more mobile devices.

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