Skype Translator about to be available worldwide

by Kelvin

Skype Translator will start working before the end of this year

After your presentation, Skype has finally announced the arrival of Skype Translator, the new simultaneous translation service that will be carried out in real time. This system promises to break down the barriers that may lead to communication in different languages ​​between users from different parts of the world, allowing them to speak in their original language, letting it be the same Skype Take care of the translation of everything we talk about.

Skype Translator about to be available worldwide 3

Skype Translator will start working with the English and Spanish languages

This new translation system used by Skype and which will arrive in a first trial version will be known as Skype Translator Preview and will be available in principle for computers with operating system Windows 8.1 and Windows Technical Preview, it will also support the translation of some languages ​​among which we find English and Spanish, then another 40 languages ​​will be added.


Participation in the preview will be confirmed to users according to some of the options they have selected and among which we can find the date of registration, the devices that you have selected, the availability of the selected languages ​​and the registration code, in case you have one.

The preliminary version of Skype Translator will be released later this year. The program in preliminary version is intended to improve this new translation feature, for this reason a small number of users will be selected to test and improve it.

It is already possible to register to access the test of Skype Translator Preview

There is limited number of positions available for users who wish to try the preliminary version of Skype Translator and it is possible to register for free from today through the official website of Skype intended for this.

Of course, many users will try to access the test of this service, it is important to keep in mind that in order to have more options participate in Skype Translator Preview we will have to meet the basic requirements of the first version as they are have Windows 8.1 installed on the computer and select the English and Spanish languages.

What do you think about the characteristic of new real-time translation system of Skype called Skype Translator?

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