Slow mode and animated emojis: the news that came to Telegram

by Kelvin
Slow mode and animated emojis: the news that came to Telegram

These are the next news that will have the latest update of Telegram.

Slow mode and animated emojis: the news that came to Telegram 2
Telegram announced the launch of a new version of its application in which they made several changes in the operation of their tools.

The first has to do with the possibility of managing the way of sending messages. One can choose to start a conversation and select whether it has sound or not.


In this way the person who receives the message will not have any notification with sound and in this way unexpected interruptions are avoided in for example a work meeting.

Another configuration that we can do in the new version of Telegram, is to schedule a time to send messages in a group chat. A user will send a message and must wait a certain time to send another. This is a good way to avoid mixing messages or filling up the chat of several conversations at once.

The names and positions of each of the members of the chat can be customized. This helps organize functions, such as designating a user as the only one who can send files or photos, among other functions.

The emojis in Telegram Now they will be animated, having a larger size and movement. Among the most prominent are the hearts, the face of surprise and finger up.

IOS users can now choose different options to color their conversations and indicate whether it is day or night. The night mode can be represented beyond the classic blue and black tones.

Telegram It is in search of attracting more users that join its application and in this way surpass WhatsApp as the most popular mobile communication tool in the world.

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