Smart Family Refrigerator Hub and new The Frame QLED arrive in Brazil

by Kelvin

During High Design Samsung announced the arrival of the Family refrigerator Hub and TV Frame QLED 2019 to Brazil; check prices and availability

During the High Design & Office Expo, which takes place between 21 and 23 August, in Sao Paulo ExpoSamsung announced the new Family smart refrigerator Hub, with support for Bixby, and The Frame QLED 2019 TV. The products were first announced at CES 2019, and will go on sale next month. In addition to the launches, the company set up a booth where it will be possible to know the concept of Connected House gives Samsung, connecting devices through the app SmartThings. Check out the details:


“Samsung has a complete line of products that connect in any space. This optimizes the lives of consumers who monitor and control their appliances, or rather their entire home from anywhere. ”

Patricia Pessoa, Marketing Director, Consumer Electronics Division, Samsung Brazil

Smart Family Refrigerator Hub

Family HubSamsung wants to strengthen the idea of ​​the kitchen as a connected environmentWith Family Refrigerators HubSamsung wants to strengthen the idea of ​​the kitchen as a connected environment

In the third generation of Family Hub, a Samsung strengthened the idea of “Cooks as a connected and interactive environment between individuals”. The news presented by the company at CES 2019 brought new applications and ways to use the refrigerator, using artificial intelligence technologies and IoT that go beyond storing and conserving food.

One of the new applications that were shown is the Family board, a notebook, where you can put notes, photos, scribbles, and use stickers. The display background can also be changed to match the environment and can be used as a music player or video player.

THE Family Hub It is also equipped with new technologies to help the user better conserve food. One is the View inside (“See Inside”), which allows users to see the inside of the refrigerator without opening it, avoiding unnecessary energy costs, and preserving the environment by preventing refrigerant gases from escaping at the opening of the refrigerator. door. In addition, the refrigerator can notify the user of the expiration date of the products.

The biggest highlight of the new generation is the introduction of Bixby. The voice assistant allows you to expand the refrigerator's functionality as users will be able to ask for daily summaries with calendar information, weather, and news. THE Bixby It is also able to differentiate the voice of each resident of the house and can offer different interactions for each type of user.

THE Family Hub arrives in Brazil in the second half of September with suggested price of R $ 24,999.00.

TV The Frame QLED 2019

Samsung's Frame 2019, in addition to the content of a TV, was built to look, in fact, like a frameSamsung's Frame 2019, in addition to the content of a TV, was built to look, in fact, like a frame

THE The Frame QLED 2019In addition to TV, it was built to look, in fact, like a painting, having four types of magnetized and customizable frames to be attached to the TV. When not being used for the viewer to watch TV shows or movies, the The Frame QLED 2019 can be used in Art mode to display thousands of digital artworks.

Designed to transform any living space into an art gallery, content can be acquired through The Frame Store, where the consumer can buy individual pieces for R $ 66,00, or opt for the monthly plan of R $ 16,00.

The model of The Frame QLED 2019 It also features a QLED panel, which offers 100% color volume and guarantees against the burn-in effect. The model has a Light sensor which adjusts screen brightness and colors based on the environment, ensuring 100% sharp colors and high contrasts.

The concept Single connection is present in the line, with a thin transparent cable that connects the TV with various external connections. According to Samsung, O No-Gap Wall Mount Allows quick and easy installation of the TV in the desired room.

THE TV The Frame QLED 2019 will be available from October 1st and its suggested retail price is $ 6,999.

ARQ Design

THE Samsung took advantage of High Design Offices Expo to announce the ARQ Design, an ecosystem that can strengthen the relationship between the company and architects. With her, Samsung will provide information, training, and recommendations to clients and architects based on their needs, as well as providing architects with images, product specifications, and even 3D files for use in projects.

Architects and designers will be able to leave consumer electronics recommendations to their customers, but it is up to the customer to decide. With it, it is possible to seek more practical references, giving more support to the product and maintaining a good ambience and usefulness of spaces.

Samsung Brings High Design Connected Home Concept

Smart Family Refrigerator Hub and new The Frame QLED arrive in Brazil 5

THE High Design Offices Expo is a trade show focused on solutions for architectural, interior design, residential and corporate projects. In this issue, the Samsung brought the concept of the company's Connected House, which involves the use of technology to ensure more comfort, safety and practicality to consumers. In addition to the announced launches, users will be able to visit the Wind-free air conditioner, lava and drought line. Q-drive, the QLED 8K smart TV line and the smartphones latest in the company such as the Galaxy S10.

In addition, the POWERbot VR7200, recently launched in the Brazilian market, is a robot vacuum cleaner that allows the consumer convenience and effective cleaning in every corner of the home, office or establishment. All these devices can be controlled by the app. Smart things, available in smartphones Android and IOS.

What did you think about the releases of Samsung at High design? Leave your comments in the fields below.

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