Smart lighting for those who don’t want a smart light bulb

by Kelvin
Smart lighting for those who don't want a smart light bulb

The smart home style is already dominating the market, bringing news and features that promise to make everyday life easier and modernize our home. Smart speakers are already a rage, whether with Google Assistant or with Alexa, but they alone are not enough to leave your home connected, compatible components are needed, such as smart TVs, air conditioners, smart sockets and smart lamps.

Smart lighting has become quite popular all over the world, and here in Brazil the smart LED lamp is a success. But there are also other smart lighting options, like LED strip and smart light fixture.

still don’t know the others gadgets of smart lighting? We have 5 suggestions for you to know:


Xiaomi Mi Bedside Lamp 2

12% off

Adjust the brightness and color temperature with the incredible Xiaomi luminaire, it has controls through the app on your smartphone.

BRL 439.00

Mi Bedside Lamp 2 is Xiaomi’s lamp that brings a series of advanced specifications, now integrated with Alexa, via voice commands, or via the Mi Home app. The accessory has more than 16 million available colors, adjustable brightness, temperature and colors, as well as setting and recording timers through the app and an operating system capable of interacting with smart home.

Elsys EPGG20 Smart Table Lamp

Intelligent led luminaire, wi-fi connection. Enable control of ambient light intensity and temperature and support virtual assistants.

With 16 million RGB colors, the Elsys smart luminaire has numerous customization options and is capable of creating unique scenarios for the environments, as well as programmable lighting levels for different hours of the day. The equipment also works by voice command and guarantees integration with Alexa and Google Assistant, but it can also be controlled via an application.

Elgin Smart Fixture

20% off

LED luminaire, recommended for plaster ceilings, with intelligent control by virtual assistants. Recommended for environments up to 14m².

BRL 179.00

The Elgin luminaire is a built-in LED light that easily adjusts to plaster ceilings. The luminaire allows configuration through the Elgin Smart application, customization of routines, lighting levels and variation in color heat, all as a lighting alternative for the entire environment that guarantees easy use and installation. The model has voice command compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

HI Smart LED Strip by Geonav

11% off

3 meters of smart led tape, 16 million color RGB lighting. Controlled by application or voice command.

BRL 292.10

This intelligent lighting row is three meters long and has a gripping surface to illuminate all types of environments, inserting 16 million neon colors that can be customized in unique scenes. Compatible with Wi-Fi, the accessory allows orders of tones, toggles, power on/off and other commands via Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, as well as the ability to cut and reconnect fragments of the tape to generate a total length of up to 6 meters.

Smart LED Strip Positive Smart Home

Compatible with virtual assistants as well as smartphones. 16 million colors in RGB lighting to leave the environment at the brightness of your choice.

With the smart LED ribbon Positivo, it is possible to control the lighting of the house from anywhere, configuring timers, light levels and several other specifications via the Positivo Casa Inteligente application. The ribbon has a length of 3 meters, compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant and heat adjustment between 16 million RGB colors, allowing the application of a complete and integrated light system in any room in the home or office.