Smart Monitor M5 is Samsung’s solution to unite work and entertainment

by Kelvin
Smart monitor m5 é a solução da samsung para unir trabalho e entretenimento

With an emphasis on connectivity, Samsung launches a new 24” hybrid monitor capable of performing various activities

This Tuesday (17), the Samsung officially announced the release of Smart Monitor M5 in Brazil, a new member of the company’s ecosystem that arrives to unite work and entertainment. In an exclusive event, the company detailed more the product’s uses and you can check everything below.

Samsung’s new solution: proposal and design

O Smart Monitor M5 is defined as a hybrid monitor, that is, a device capable of performing various tasks related to work, study and leisure activities. The device aims to bring together in a single device several features, exempting the need to purchase more products.


Marina Correia, product manager of Samsung Brazil, talked to the showmetech about this novelty. According to her, the new monitor of the Samsung comes to revolutionize the market, being essential especially in the delicate moment in which we live. The pandemic caused a portion of Brazilians to transform their homes into offices. In 2020 there was an increase of 8.7 in sales of monitors, and an average of 25% more Brazilians working from home.

O Smart Monitor M5 brings all the company’s technology committed to a single product to meet routine needs during social isolation. Its design is minimalist and in Brazil the version sold has 24” and a range of features that promise to facilitate user processes.

Hybrid monitor: integrated system

Smart monitor m5 is the samsung solution to unite work and entertainment

Marina explains that the Smart Monitor M5 is not equivalent to a Smart TV, as it might seem. On the contrary, the new device amplifies the user’s possibilities. The launch is equipped with the smart Hub and the operating system Tizen 5.5, which gives access to a catalog of applications, like famous streaming platforms, without the need to have a PC connected.

What really sets it apart from a regular TV is the ability to integrate other special features, such as the presence of the Office 365 and the activation of the Remote access to your computer. All this without introducing cables. Balanced in this way, the user can connect a Mouse and a keyboard for bluetooth or by a cable and perform any activities whenever you need.

Some elements were specially designed to bring comfort to users. One of them is the presence of the Free Flicker, feature that eliminate screen shake. O Eye Saver Mode controls the blue light emitted by the screen by itself. Another interesting point is the automatic adjustment of brightness according to the ambient lighting to avoid eye strain. Also, the screen transmits in Full HD and is accompanied by a Remote Control.

The ultimate in connectivity

Smart monitor m5 is the samsung solution to unite work and entertainment

The integrated system features several connectivity configurations. in addition to Mouse, it is possible to connect smartphones fur Tap View, screen transmission feature, and still use the Air Play 2 gives Apple, responsible for accessing streaming content from the mobile device without the need for pairing. This is the first monitor to support this feature in the world.

Users of iPhones, iPads and MacBooks can mirror their screens normally on this device. Samsung. Without using wires, those who purchase the monitor can also connect it to a notebook. All of these mechanisms optimize time and space, which is exactly what the company is focusing on. Transitioning from a study resource to the Netflix, for example, has become much more practical.

Price and availability

THE Samsung is releasing two models of Smart Monitor M5: one with 24″ and another with 35″. At first, only the 24″ will be available in national stores, but the expectation is that the other option will also arrive at some point after the analysis of sales of the smaller device.

O Smart Monitor M5 will be available soon in the main national stores. It can be found by BRL 1,769.99, at Lojas Americanas.

Technical specifications

Smart Monitor M5

Smart monitor m5 is the samsung solution to unite work and entertainment
ModelSamsung M5 Series FHD Smart Monitor
Screen size24″
screen typeFlat
Screen ratio4:09 pm
static contrast1,000:1 (Type)
Shine250 cd/m² (Typical)
200 cd/m² (Min)
Resolution1920 x 1080
response time14ms
Screen QualityHDR
update rate60Hz
ResourcesEye Saver Mode, Flicker Free, Game Mode, HDMI-CEC, Auto Source Switch+, Adaptive Picture, Ultrawide Game View
Operational systemWindows 10, Tizen
Connectivity2 EA HDMI
1x USB
WiFi (WIFI5)
Bluetooth (BT4.2)
AccessoriesHDMI cable
Remote Control
Dimensions (supported)539.2 x 416.1 x 232.0 mm
Weight (with support)2.9 kg
PriceR$ 1,769.99, at Lojas Americanas

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