Smart pillow uses Artificial Intelligence to improve sleep

by Kelvin
Travesseiro smart usa inteligência artificial para melhorar o sono. O persono sense é um travesseiro smart desenvolvido para monitorar o sono do usuário que está em busca de noites bem dormidas

THE person, company belonging to Coteminas Group, launched a smart pillow that has an artificial intelligence to monitor sleep. One of the pillow’s functions will be to analyze the head movements of those who are using the object. All information generated is sent to an app, which is available to both Android and iOS users.

The smart Persono pillow

One of the biggest differentials of the pillow is the existence of the persono sense, the company’s own technology that sends data via Bluetooth to the application. With it, the user will be able to monitor the time taken to fall asleep, the number of times he wakes up and also the amount of movements performed. This will all help to develop a more balanced routine and, consequently, better nights sleep. To ensure that the pillow is used for the proper period, the persono sense it has a battery that lasts two years.

To ensure the full functioning of the persono sense, the company tested the sensor with professional athletes.


“This is just one example of what we’ve done to validate our technology. Just like any human being, the athlete needs good sleep to perform better during activities, and he and his doctor can only understand how the rest period is going if there is a report, a follow-up. That’s just what Persono’s technology allows, delivering graphics and analytics in an application.” Josué de Alencar, director of Coteminas and creator of Persono Sense.

Despite being highly technological, Persono brings all the characteristics of the other items in the Coteminas catalogue. The pillow comes with 5 individual layers that allow the user to customize the ideal height for your best comfort.

Image of smart persono pillow layers

“This will be our first bet on the technology market, which will allow us to increasingly improve the functionality of our products and deliver more and more services based on the needs of our consumers. All of this reduces the friction of use as a sleep tracker, since to monitor your sleep, you just have to sleep with a pillow”, adds Alencar.

THE persono sense you will have a thousand pillows in your first batch and they will all be numbered. Persono is part of the group Coteminas, which also has other companies in the same home textile segment, such as Moyses House, martan, Artex and saint.

Price and availability

the smart pillow person is available for sale on the Artex website for R$499.90 in cash or in up to 10 installments of R$49.99

Technical specifications

Product typeSmart pillow
DrumsLong term; up to 2 years of use
Technologypersono sense
Memory1 Mbit of memory
Thread count – Cover300 thread cotton
Thread count – Layers180 thread cotton
PriceBRL 499.90

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