Smart skipping rope? Why not! Smart Rope Pure Review

by Kelvin
Smart skipping rope? Why not! Smart Rope Pure Review

Startup Tangram is widely known in narrow circles due to its two entertaining products: both are smart jump ropes.

First version – Smart rope – remains a rather curious instance. One of the main design features is a diode insert into the cord, thanks to which the user can see the numbers (number of jumps) directly in the air before his eyes.


On the other hand: the brain is designed so that you automatically begin to count the jumps in your mind, so it turns out that the chip, though unique, is it necessary? Plus, according to the results of the training, all your data will be automatically saved inside the application. Similar thoughts were embodied in the second "lite" version Smart Rope Pure.

There is no point in pushing the version between the foreheads: the difference is exactly one. And it consists in the fact that this version is deprived of a diode strip at the bottom, as a result – it is devoid of "numbers in the air."

What can the Pure version do?

In general, it is worth noting that in general the impressions of the use remain pleasant. It is difficult to say how this type of training is really popular, since I can’t call myself a healthy lifestyle adherent yet, but perhaps those who systematically work with this projectile will find several useful opportunities for themselves here.

These capabilities are enclosed in a proprietary application – Smart GYM, data from which can be synchronized with user-friendly software, for example, Apple Health, Google Fit and some others.

The main "space" software occupy all kinds of motivational sections. I connect this with the fact that the kind of warm-up with a skipping rope in itself, although it may be popular, still requires some kind of systematicity. And the monotony of the lesson can contribute to hackwork. To return the user to the simulator, tricks are needed, of which here are proposed, for example, such as: “section with awards”, “tearing off with friends” (requires registration through Facebook), "Global statistics", which presents the records of users from other countries.

Personal statistics include data not only about jumping. Still, the jump rope is focused on the category of fitness weight loss-the desire for a beautiful figure, so that the application formula calculates and expended calories. Data can be viewed in the daily section:

Or for a longer period with averaged indicators:

In general, you won’t do more, and don’t need more: there are informative statistics on your personal successes and achievements and a motivating component to improve the current result. All this is automatically saved and stored. Moreover, all this works extremely simply!

The structure itself, the shape of the rope does not stand out much in its category: there is a cord drawn between two handles. The main secret is just in them. Here is a simple electronics:

The scroll part is the top. The junction is visible:

As a matter of fact, every time you scroll – a jump is counted, so unscrupulous users can easily “wind up” the system in pursuit of a record. This design provides a very comfortable position of the handles in the palm of your hand, they do not scroll and do not slip.

On one of the handles is a power button:

It also acts as a "cover", under which the connector for charging a smart jump rope:

The jump rope is quite quickly located by the application, it has stable synchronization. You can follow the jumps in real time or save the workout in memory. Data will be automatically imported the next time you connect.

As a result

Both versions Smart rope – A good option for "optimization" of the famous, popular sports and entertainment equipment. It was developed for training and is unlikely to be used in a children's playroom, where rope jumps move in the summertime.

The uniqueness here is in the storage and processing of data, since jump ropes with mechanical counting, in general, have long existed. Here, the numbers are still not issued in a dry form, but are converted into expended calories. Plus, the application has several motivational sections that are designed to make exercises systematic.

From the point of view of convenience and design, there are no complaints. Using such a rope is nice. And in terms of design discoveries, the Pure version is inferior to the Smart Rope, by the absence of a diode strip for visualizing jumps.