Smart Speaker with Alexa: which model of Amazon choose?

by Kelvin
Smart Speaker with Alexa: which model of Amazon choose?

Smart Amazon arrived on the market seeking to make everyday tasks easier and make life more practical by voice command. The Echos, as the products in the smart speakers line of the Amazon, have received improvements over time, acquiring new features and functions to further optimize people’s lives and make the experience more complete.

But with so many models, it’s sometimes difficult to decide which option is best for your routine and needs, whether it’s the size of the device, the audio, the screen or the size of the environment. And to help you, we’ve separated some models so you can understand the differences between them and choose the ideal smart speaker.

Echo Dot 3rd Generation

32% off

The successful Smart Speaker of Amazon with Alexa integrated. By voice command, control music, trigger other smart products, ask questions, listen to news, create alarms and more.


BRL 349.00

Looking like a small speaker, the Echo Dot 3 is the most entry-level model available. It is very compact and cost-effective, ideal for those who want to start adapting to this type of technology and want a device for their bedroom.

The model has good speakers and allows automatic customization of Alexa according to user preferences through machine learning, which makes the experience even better and more personal. In addition to this, there is the Echo Dot with clock, which has the same specifications, but shows the time on a digital LED clock.

Echo Dot 4th Generation

29% off

The model has a rounded shape, front-facing audio and dear Alexa to help with reminders, music and control of other smart products.

BRL 399.00

The Echo Dot 4 is the successor to the previous model. With a sphere shape, it offers higher quality audio outputs and higher pickup. The model has LED lights that let you know if Alexa is on and the possibility of optimizing everyday tasks.

This model is also basic, ideal for small spaces or rooms. With Alexa integrated you can make calls, create reminders, request music and much more.

Echo Show 5

29% off

It’s the difference of the Echo family. That’s because it’s the only one that has a 5-inch touchscreen, ideal for watching movies, watching videos on youtube, making calls and much more with the help of Alexa.

BRL 599.00

The Echo Show comes with a very interesting addition: the presence of a 5.5-inch LCD screen. In addition to using the traditional functions, with Alexa’s voice commands, Echo Show also allows you to watch videos and movies, open and control applications, play games and even make video calls.

Echo 4th Generation

24% off

The latest smart speaker from Amazon! Comes with Alexa and has a nice sound. Control smart environments, listen to your favorite music and make calls with New Echo 4th Generation.

BRL 749.00

O Amazon Echo 4 is an Alexa smart speaker that looks similar to Echo Dot 4, but bigger. The model’s main highlight is the improved and high-quality sound, which adapts to the room automatically and is ideal for those who like to listen to lots of music and parties, as it also has the multi-environment music function, which synchronizes music to various rooms of your smart home.

Echo Studio

16% off

Recently released, Echo Studio has 5 speakers that produce powerful bass and clear treble. It has the main features of the previous models and Alexa, but has a larger size.

BRL 1,699.00

Echo Studio has the same basic functions as the other products in the line. However, it is the most powerful sounding device among the Echos, ideal for those looking for quality audio. It has five speakers, positioned for crisp, clean sound. In addition, it brings Dolby Atmos technology, which can automatically identify the acoustics of the place where the device is, to adapt the audio to the environment. Another function of Echo Studio is the possibility of being connected to a TV and acting as a soundbar.

Echo Show 10

A virtual assistant designed to move with you. It has a 10.1-inch screen, 13 MP camera, built-in Alexa and is full of features. Easily control your smart home.

Echo Show 10 has similar features to Echo Show 5, but with nice improvements. It has a 10.1-inch screen and is ideal for environments such as a spacious living room or a modern kitchen, for example. Adjusting the shape and design of the watch, choosing the photos that appear on the display, changing the Alexa activation word are some of the customizable functions.

The Echo Show 10 also has a camera for photos and video calls. The novelty in this sector is that, as it is a more modern model, it has the ability to use the device’s built-in camera to monitor your home while you are away.

Have you already chosen yours?

Now it’s up to you. Which model best suits your home? Do you already have any of the models mentioned? Take advantage of the fact that some models are on sale at Amazon!