Smartphone Sales Continue to Decline

by Kelvin
Smartphone Sales Continue to Decline

About three years declining smartphone sales this year keep falling It is. Interesting published reports facts and forward-looking estimates reveals.

IDC reports on the number of phones to be sold this year compared to last year. 2.2 percent rate will be lower. Most of the contraction in the market first in half the second half of the percent 0.4 ratio is expected to fall.

Smartphone Sales Continue to Decline 2


5G technology of both countries and operators as well as producers With the expansion of terms in the smartphone industry again revival to live indicating that the company in the market next year 1.6 percent growth rate. Of course, this growth is expected to shrink by 2.2 percent this year. will meet, the smart phone industry is a contraction into enter the We see.

Users smartphone renovation cycles prolonged and technological satiety to the point approaching the company, trade disputes in this case, he says.

Going back to 5G, IDC said that all sales will be made next year. 8.9 percent Expect to be made up of models with 5G support. This ratio was in 2023 to 28.1 percent The company also stated that they did not see 5G as a savior but revolution He says. 5G expectation is long construction is that indicating IDC, Apple5G technology next year judge He thinks he will enter the market somehow.

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