smartphones and cheap basic mobiles

by Kelvin
smartphones and cheap basic mobiles

The back to school It is almost a reality for all parents. We are in the final stretch of the school holidays and it is possible that you have considered the Purchase a mobile for your child. The entrance to the institute can be the key to give a line and a mobile to the smallest of the house. Today we leave you with the best mobiles for children They are perfect to enter the world of telephony. The smartphones They have Internet access, so we will also leave you with basic options that don't even have Android and only serve to call and little else.

If you have decided buy a smartphone for your child You should know that you will have at your disposal all the Internet, both good and bad things. It is best that you inform yourself about parental control to limit the use of the device and some of the most dangerous functions for a child or teenager. If you have this clear, we continue.


3 smartphones cheap for children that you can buy in Amazon

We start with the most basic thing you can buy for your child in the Android world. Its about Redmi go, a fairly modest device that allows you to perform the basic functions of Android. The most attractive is its price and also its design, because being made of plastic will be more resistant to falls.

It does not stand out at all, but for about 70 euros you can check email, surf the Internet and chat on WhatsApp. Of course, social networks also fall within this basic use of Android.

smartphones and cheap basic mobiles 3

We continue with Xiaomi to raise the level considerably. The Xiaomi Mi A2 It is a mobile that was launched in 2018 but still has a lot to say. its price is around 150 euros and it is a mid-range mobile of the most complete. Your camera is capable of taking very good pictures, your screen has a fairly acceptable quality and Its metal design is the best it has.

Also run Android and we are sure that your child will not need more to start in the Android world. Yes, It is also a good jump if it comes from a basic phone call or a low-end Android.

smartphones and cheap basic mobiles 4

Finally we leave you with a mid-range option that is not in the Xiaomi catalog, but in Samsung's. Samsung Galaxy A40 is a good mid-range option that the company launched a few months ago. Your best asset may be the design and the screen, but also the camera.

It is slightly more expensive than the Mi A2 and not so recommended, but if you want a Samsung option this is a good opportunity to buy it, because it has 50 euros off in Amazon.

No internet? Cheaper yet? If you just want have your child located by calling and entering the Internet is something you prefer to leave for later there are also options. Amazon sell dozens of basic phones with a very low price so that your child always carries an operating phone on top.

If you have decided to take the step that your child has a personal mobile these options are the best in the market at the moment. Yes, We emphasize parental control and technological education again So that everything goes on wheels.

More mobiles for children in Amazon

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