Snapchat is adding 3D Camera mode

by Kelvin
Snapchat is adding 3D Camera mode

Snapchat is adding 3D Camera mode 2

A few hours ago Snapchat announced the new mode 3D Camera, which will allow users to create and share images with diorama-like depth effects that move when the smartphone is tilted.

3D Camera for Snapchat: the details

The new feature is available today for iPhone X and later owners, through an update of the Snapchat app, in which it is possible to access the function using the camera mode, using the drop-down menu on the right. Images can also be viewed (but not created) on older iPhone phone models and some Android smartphones.


Today we are excited to present the 3D Camera mode that adds depth to your shots. Use it to create Snaps that capture spatial details, changing in perspective and appearance based on how you move your smartphone when you view them.

In addition to the 3D Camera mode, those who create images will have, of course, a new one effects library, objectives and 3D filters: furthermore, after having finished editing the photos, the user can also save them on the camera roll to use them elsewhere as well.

The transition to 3D is Snapchat's latest move in what can also be interpreted as one battle long term with Facebook, and in particular Instagram. We report that the company is still behind Instagram as for overall users – growth slowed down massively after Zuckerberg's two social networks implemented Stories -: Snapchat recently claimed to have 203 million active users every day while Instagram currently it has 500 million.

However, the objectives and the photographic effects still have a long way to go, also because about 70% of the daily users of Snapchat use these features to make their photos more beautiful, showing that they are features that help the app to bind to people. Thus, Snapchat's drive to continue to innovate its photographic features is appreciable and justified.