Snapchat unveils the Spectacles 3, connected glasses with 3D camera at 370 €

by Kelvin
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Snapchat presents the Spectacles 3, the third generation of its connected sunglasses. They bring a single notable improvement compared to previous models, it is the presence of a 3D camera that allows to create photos and videos in three dimensions with virtual / augmented reality filters.


After his shows 1 and 2, Snap. Inc is not backing and is continuing its momentum with the third generation of its connected sunglasses. Those who thought the previous one would be the last were wrong. To continue to seduce his audience, Snapchat proposes Shows 3 who go further than their predecessors by proposing a second 3D camera in addition to a finer design.

Shows 3: Connected glasses Snapchat is entitled to a third version

The new camera takes the place of the LED indicator on the previous models. Like the last ones smartphones high-end like the Huawei P30 Pro, the Galaxy S10 + Note 10+ or ​​the iPhone XS, this camera can shoot scenes in three dimensions through depth detection, with the ability to add 3D filters. Snapchat offers its own filters but allows third party developers to expand the catalog.

The new glasses also offer recording VR / AR compatible content that it is possible to share easily on Snapchat, but also on other social networks like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube (VR). To view them, you need a virtual reality headset like the Google Cardboard, or any other more advanced headset range. As you can see, the 3 shows do not have a built-in screen and they still depend on a smartphone to which they connect in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi not only to transfer the recorded contents, but also to view them.

These connected glasses will be available in November at the price of … 370 euros. Snapchat is clearly not targeting the general public, the opposite would have surprised us. These glasses will be launched in limited edition and the company recognizes willingly to address a niche audience, but it is careful to specify the number of copies it intends to market.

Source: The Verge