The Spanish OMV with Orange coverage, IOS Mobile, has modified its current rates by adding four new ones with 4, 6, 12 and 15 GB at a higher price. Remember that the operator landed in the market last December, promising an offer of fiber for April or May of this year of 100, 300 and 500 MB, which has not yet arrived. In June of this year it also lowered its rate with unlimited minutes and 5 GB at a price of 8 euros.


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Regarding the catalog of rates that June announced, both the rate with 2 GB and 300 minutes for 5 euros per month, as well as the one that only offers unlimited minutes (without data) for 7 euros per month, will remain the same. The important change is in the other four, which combine unlimited minutes with data. To begin with, the 30 GB rate disappears, whose quota was reduced to 20 euros per month last March. Hereinafter, The highest rate has unlimited minutes and 15 GB to navigate for 18 euros per month. That is, we will have half of gigabytes paying 2 euros less.

IOS Mobile has also removed between 10 and 20 GB rates for 12 and 16 euros per month, respectively. Failing that, the OMV proposes an alternative with 6 GB and another with 12 GB, the two with unlimited minutes at a price of 11 and 15 euros per month, respectively. On the other hand, the cheapest rate with unlimited minutes, which previously had 5 GB for 10 euros per month, now has 4 GB for 9 euros per month.

This is the IOS Mobile catalog

In summary, We find six rates with fewer gigabytes and high fees. The current catalog looks like this.

  • 300 minutes + 2 GB: 5 euros per month
  • Unlimited calls + 4 GB: 9 euros per month
  • Unlimited calls + 6 GB: 11 euros per month
  • Unlimited calls + 12 GB: 15 euros per month
  • Unlimited calls + 15 GB: 18 euros per month
  • Unlimited calls without data: 7 euros per month

In any case, remind you that IOS Mobile does not have permanence in any of its rates, so if at any time you hire any and then want to change to another operator you can do so without penalty.

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