WhatsApp has become a little more secure since it encrypts messages point to point, although that remains a problem for hackers who find vulnerabilities everywhere. An Israeli company, called Check Point, has again shown that most popular messaging application still has problems with phishing, although explaining this problem is not easy at all.


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Having your WhatsApp account hacked is not something you can see regularly, although the vulnerabilities must be corrected because a group of expert hackers could use them to steal messages or important information from people who usually handle this type of thing. That is if you are not a celibrity it is possible that nobody is going to spend the money in hacking your WhatsApp.

How can someone usurp your identity in WhatsApp?

The problem has been discovered during the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, an important meeting of developers where Check Point has demonstrated how “easy” it is to change a WhatsApp message and the identity of the sender. However, the company has revealed all the details to WhatsApp to solve the problem but it is not the only one …

Another serious vulnerability lurks WhatsApp and is the possibility that an attacker sends a private message to a group participant disguising him as a public. In short, a message that, if answered, would be revealed in the group and not in the private conversation. It is even possible to change the identity of a user in a group conversation thanks to the exploit found in the WhatsApp citation system, being possible to assign an identity of a person who is not in the group and even the possibility of modifying the text of the message. In the video you have a small demonstration of the process and you will understand it much better.

WhatsApp continues to work to be increasingly safe

WhatsApp has managed to solve this last problem, of camouflaging public messages in the form of private ones. But nevertheless, you should not be too alert for all this. WhatsApp is a tool that becomes more and more secure although the possibility that they are about to create, which will allow the use of a backdoor to access “dangerous” messages if the alarms among all users of the application could be blown up.

Another of the novelties that will be launched soon will be the possibility of using the same number on two mobiles, and we will see if it does not arrive with errors. Mark we ask you, please, that the WhatsApp encryption remain invulnerable.

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