So you can activate the dark mode in Instagram

by Kelvin
So you can activate the dark mode in Instagram

We recently informed you about the output of Android 10, the latest version of Google's operating system. The novelty is that it comes equipped with dark mode, which forces applications to update to fully adapt to their environment. Instagram He wasted no time, he already has his dark version available.

The dark mode of Instagram is present in version, called "Alpha". That is, it is a trial edition; You still won't find it in the Google store. The popular network of photographs, owned by Facebook, it still has a long time to go, because version 10 has not yet reached the majority of smartphones.


As we have indicated, the dark mode of Instagram It will only be compatible with Android 10 mobile devices. Or at least it will be so in the beginning. Possibly, when the update is officially released, it is compatible with more versions, or at least that is speculated.

For now, the Alpha version of Instagram It can only be used in the new version of the Google system. Also on some computers, such as phones Samsung with One UI, that present Android 9 with dark theme.

How to install Instagram with dark mode


You will not find this new version in Google Play, you have to use an external application store. To APK of Instagram we are going to download it from APK Mirror, a site recommended for its level of security. You can download it with confidence, you will not find viruses on the site or in the app.

When you have it on your mobile, remember to give installation permission from unknown sources. A crucial step, if you do not, you will not be able to install the alpha application of Instagram. Once permission is granted, the APK will be installed in seconds. The same It works like an update, so you don't need to delete the one you already have.

Search the application for Instagram on your mobile Open it and see its new look, if you have the dark theme activated by default you can see the social network use the same theme. The dark mode brings it activated; you do not have to do anything.

Your publications, Stories and private messages will have a completely black background. The adaptation with the dark mode is total; There is no white space or images impossible to see.

The alternative for those without Android 10


We do not want you to stay with the look of a lost puppy for not having a compatible cell phone. You can also have instagram with dark mode on your mobile! We will give you a good alternative for you to have right now, without having to wait for official updates or trial versions.

To have the dark mode on your favorite social network you need to install GBInstagram, a unofficial application It comes equipped with many extra features. How which? In addition to the dark mode, this app will allow you to download photos and videos from Instagram, look Stories Undetected and share links.

Being an application of Instagram unofficial, when you install it you will have two instagram. You can use your same account or create a secondary. In case you use your Facebook to enter we recommend that you only enter your phone number, GBInstagram It usually gives error if you do not.

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