So you can compare the size of the Galaxy Note 10 with your competition

by Kelvin
Así puedes comparar el tamaño del Galaxy Note 10 con su competencia

In case you still have not heard, yesterday introduced the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ In Pro Android we brought you all the news about the different models of the new flagship Samsung, in addition to various comparisons against its competition. Samsung also took the opportunity to show its Samsung again Galaxy Tab S6 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, of which we also have all the information. The problem is that with a new phone in the market, we have a problem: its dimensions. Compare it with another known phone is very useful and with what we bring you today, this will be easier than ever.

For this, in Android Pro we usually compare the physical dimensions, but it is not always clear. Sometimes, half a centimeter looks like a world, but in others, it is not so much. In the end it depends on the overall size of the phone. Today we bring you a website that allows us to buy the size and design of the main mobile phones in the market in three dimensions and yes, you can use it on both the mobile and the computer.


3D Hotspot allows you to compare the Galaxy Note 10 with your competition

To do this, we will use the 3D Hotspot website and it works without any problem on both mobile phones and computers (and from the browser). When you follow the link that we have attached, you will see how first Samsung appears Galaxy Note 10+ compared to the iPhone XS. Obviously, being three-dimensional models, we are not limited to seeing them only from the front, but we can move the cursor (or your finger across the screen), to move both phones at the same time.

In this way, we can compare all the details of each of the models: lateral, rear, general size, thickness … everything. What is the best? That we can compare the phone we want, as long as it is in your database. To do this, touching both the name on the right and the one on the left, we will be given a choice between different models. They are not all, but some of the most important ones and the graphics library may expand over time.

So you can compare the size of the Galaxy Note 10 with your competition 2

In this way, we can compare the size of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with that of its predecessor. As well we can do it with the OnePlus 7 Pro, Redmi K20 Pro, Huawei P30 Pro … In short, there are many possibilities we have. Obviously, we can not only compare them with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. We can compare them with each other, change the color of each model … Before you know it, you will have spent half an hour comparing the size of the different compatible models.

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