Instagram It has long since overtaken Snapchat in popularity by copying its Stories, those ephemeral videos, which would self-destruct in 24 hours and that have hooked millions of people around the world. And the reality is that: when Snapchat launches an attractive novelty in its Stories, users are quick to try it … and then share it in the Stories of Instagram. There is no more: in Instagram there is more public and one hangs up their stories for people to see. So are the things. And very soon you will see some new Stories and wonder where they got them? We give you the answer.

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Today Snapchat has announced the new effect β€˜3D camera’ that will allow the user to take deep selfies and make the bottom move at the same time as our phone. To achieve this effect, Snapchat will use the TrueDepth technology of the iPhone, thanks to which, for example, we have the Animojis or the FaceID facial unlocking system. Does this mean that only those with an iPhone X or higher can enjoy this new β€˜3D’ mode? Indeed, although the company has assured that it will try to implement it on Android phones without specifying date. If you have an Android, for now, you can see the 3D selfies of your friends but not do them.

So you can create Snapchat 3D selfies to succeed in Instagram Stories 2The new camera mode is accessed through Snapchat's own camera application, being able to choose between 3D filters, 3D effects and 3D lenses. You just have to open the dropdown to find the required mode.

3d mode snapchat 00

3d snapchat mode

The result of the new 3D selfie You can see it in the following video created by Snapchat itself to celebrate the arrival of the new mode to the application. Another gadget that you can use to create the new 3D selfies will be the next Spectacles 3 glasses from Snapchat. Stories can be saved inside the mobile so, yes, you can share these new photos in your Snapchat Stories.

Snapchat is one of the applications that is developing the most scope of augmented reality and, although not as popular as Instagram, gathers around it more than 203 million people. Almost nothing. Will this effect reach Instagram? We can expect that.

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