so you can delete your phone number from the social network

by Kelvin
Facebook también quiere acabar con el contador de "Me gusta"

Facebook It has become one of the most downloaded applications in history. The large social network has millions of users spread all over the world, and many are the novelties that have been integrated into the service over the years. However, from the Zuckerberg company they continue to have problems with a key feature in these types of tools: Privacy.

Yesterday we talked about the latest problems of Facebook at the security level. According to TechCrunch, the American giant would have neglected again its privacy conditions in relation to servers where more than 400 million telephone numbers were stored. Therefore, from ProAndroid we wanted to carry out a simple tutorial with which you can avoid this type of attacks on privacy. Next we tell you how to delete the phone number from the account Facebook.


Avoid messes and erase the phone number

Facebook You have to keep going around when it comes to the concept of privacy. Listening to Messenger or leaking information in the children's section are just two of the many cases we have been able to talk about in relation to this fault. Therefore, it never hurts to anticipate the possible inconveniences and end once and for all with the complementary information in Facebook. In this case, we talk about the removal of the phone number from your personal account. To do this, just follow the steps below.

  1. Enter the application with your users and password
  2. Access your profile
  3. Click on the "Edit profile"> "Edit your profile information" option
  4. Click on the pencil symbol in the telephone section
  5. Remove the phone confirming the action by means of the password

so you can delete your phone number from the social network 2

As simple as that. This way you can delete your phone number from your account forever. Facebook for prevent it from falling into the hands of others. It should be noted that since the apps have already removed the server where all this data was stored, the only impediment is that it had been exposed publicly for more than a year.

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