So you can get that Google Assistant don't answer out loud

by Kelvin
Así puedes conseguir que Google Assistant no responda en voz alta

Google Assistant continues advancing as the virtual assistant of a conglomerate that every week incorporates new functions of the most utilitarian. From the giant of the great G they have decided to bet on Artificial Intelligence with an increasingly complete assistant who seeks to continue advancing in front of their competitors. Siri and Alexa have also included interesting features with the latest updates, which is why Google has decided to continue promoting one of its most popular tools.

From now on you can modify the settings of Google Assistant to avoid responding to your queries aloud. We are not talking about lowering the volume, but about a new functionality that comes under the name "free hands" which will only allow sound output by the assistant when this mode is connected to a synchronized device. We tell you how to carry it out.


Silence completely the Google Assistant

We all jumped Google Assistant on some occasion we did not want him to jump interrupting an interesting conversation or worse, the most absolute silence of a meeting. Therefore, today we will tell you how to end this problem once and for all with a tutorial in which we talk about the new “hands-free” function of the Google assistant. From now on, the assistant will not be able to answer the requests aloud unless there is an associated device that enables this mode.

To carry out the process, click on the compass symbol Google Assistant (Explore) and access our profile. Once inside, we are going to Settings and then click on the tab Assistant. Several options will be displayed here, we must choose the section Phone. The final step comes when we access Voice Recognition and Input> Voice output and we activate the option “Hands-free only”. From this moment, Google Asisstant will never bother you again with his voice.

So you can get that Google Assistant don't answer out loud 2

It should be noted that this functionality is currently being deployed worldwide so it may not be available on your terminal. Don't worry, you just have to wait a few days to forget the voice of forever Google Assistant.

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