So you can see how many hours you have played on your PS4: Fortnite A fan

by Kelvin

Without a doubt, each player has asked at one point of their game in Fortnite How long have you been playing on your favorite console? Now Sony can help us with that answer.

To find answers to the mystery, we must visit the official PlayStation website. In it we can not only find the total hours of play on our PS4, we will also find other details of our profile.


On this page we will find a variety of data, from various genres of video games we have played, the number of trophies obtained in total, along with the number of hours played online, the calendar we usually play for a week and even the hours Totals that are played for PS VR, yes We have virtual reality on our console, of course.

To find this large amount of information, we only need to enter access data from our PS4 registration account and thus enjoy the 2019 statistics. It is important to know that for this to work, we must place on our console the option to share additional data Y More than 18 years