Sofirn SP32A v.2.0: the new king among budget flashlights?

by Kelvin
Sofirn SP32A v.2.0: the new king among budget flashlights?

I'll start with the main thing: in my opinion, Currently Sofirn SP32A v.2.0 is the most affordable and practical choice for those who are looking for a good inexpensive flashlight in the region of $ 20. With a small difference in cost, this model is functionally much more interesting than the long-term monopolist of budget flashlights – Convoy S2 +. Sofirn has a lot of models, the manufacturer does not stand still, unlike the convoy, which travels for a long time on the proven s2 + C8.


22 $ ​​| A set with charging and akk will be only 5 bucks more expensive.

specification from manual:

※ Used CREE XP-L2 LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

※ Operating voltage: 2.8-6.6Volt

※ Supported batteries: one protected 18650 or two CR123A.

※ Dimensions: 123mm (long) × 23.4mm (diameter)

※ Weight: 65 ± 1 gram (without battery)

※ Made of 6061 aviation aluminum alloy, premium type Ⅲ hard anodizing, anti-abrasive coating for a tough and damage-resistant casing.

※ Clear glass with anti-reflective coating.

※ Degree of moisture protection IPX8: 2 meters under water.

※ Reverse polarity protection, protects against improper battery installation.

Режимов Mode memory: remembers the last brightness level in general modes, but does not remember the strobe mode. The next time you turn it on, it will be the brightness level at which the flashlight was turned off.

※ Advanced temperature controller (ATR):

Automatically adjusts the brightness level when the temperature reaches 60 ℃, to avoid overheating the flashlight.

※ Automatic shutdown: from Turbo mode, after 3 minutes switches to High mode to avoid overheating.

※ Power indicator: The LED on the side switch blinks green for 5 seconds, so that there is enough energy in the battery. The indicator turns red when the battery is low. If the indicator quickly flashes red – charge the battery.

Packaging and appearance

Packaging, in general, is not gift. Sofirn uses them for all other similar sized models. There is no designer beauty here, but even so it is much better than what you get when buying almost any Convoy.

The package includes a flashlight itself, 2 o-rings, a lanyard, charging and battery, instructions. There is a version without charging with a battery.

Here is the flashlight itself. Sofirn SP32A V2.0, despite its low price, looks pretty decent. As for me, so outwardly it is no worse than the same Fenix ​​UC32 or something similar. In fairness, there is no need to look for something special in terms of design. But even so, the flashlight looks much more decent Convoy S2 +. And here, one can already say that in terms of a gift, based on its appearance, a flashlight will be a perfectly acceptable option for an inexpensive gift or a magarych.

As for the size, then the flashlight does not stand out from the mass of other similar things. I would not say that this is a frankly pocket 18650 flashlight, there are more compact ones. But even so, it is quite suitable from the perspective of EDC stuff. The hero of the review is right in the center.

Well, now more.

The carcass is disassembled into 3 parts.

The spring in the tail is rather thick (for a flashlight of this type). The spring in the head is clearly thinner.

The clip sits tight, but not excessively. Does not scratch anodizing.

Knurling is the simplest, with small diamonds. Nevertheless, she is quite tenacious. Grip comfortable and reliable

In the hand, the flashlight sits quite comfortably.

The cooling fins here are more of a symbolic size. In fairness, there is nothing more to be done here.
The button is shallow, with a small depth of travel and a click, pretty sticks out.

There is an indicator light, standard for charging an ack and reaching a discharge, somewhere in 3c.

The bezel is glued, under it there is a smooth reflector somewhere 2 cm deep with XPL2 at the bottom. Glass with anti-glare.

Actually that's all. Outwardly absolutely nothing supernatural, but at this stage of the review, the flashlight more than justifies its small price.


Fortunately, the manual contains a good translation into Russian. Surprisingly, for 20 bucks you get both familiar and stepless brightness controls.

Side switch controls all functions

The first group of modes: 6 modes (default group)

Click to enable. Press and hold for 0.5 seconds to turn off.

When pressed in the on lamp, the modes change from Eco to High in a cycle.

Double-click activates Turbo, one click returns to the last mode.

A triple click activates the strobe, one click returns to the last mode.

Four clicks – lock (not specified in the instructions)

To switch from Mode Group 1 to Group 2, press and hold the switch for 3 seconds. When changing the Mode Group, the flashlight blinks 2 times.

Group 2: Ramping (Smooth Brightness)

When the light is in Group 1, press and hold the side switch for 3 seconds, the flashlight will switch to Ramping mode (Smooth brightness change), the default brightness is 160 Lumens (medium mode).

In Group 2, you need to make a quick click to turn the flashlight on or off.

Press and hold the side switch to increase or decrease the brightness. If you release and press the side switch again in less than 1.5 seconds, the brightness will change in the opposite direction. If you release and press the side switch for more than 1.5 seconds, the brightness will change in the same direction as it was.

The flashlight blinks once when it reaches the minimum (Eco) or maximum (High) modes.

A double click activates the Turbo, one click returns to the last brightness.

A triple click activates the strobe, one click returns to the last brightness.

When the light is off, press and hold the side switch for 3 seconds, it blinks 2 times, and then switches to Group 1.

If you continue to hold the side switch after the brightness has reached the minimum (Eco), or maximum (High) then after 3 seconds the flashlight will switch to Group 1 blinking 2 times.

Overheat protection:

When the flashlight is in Turbo mode, a lot of heat is generated. Hence, Turbo runs for 3 minutes, then the flashlight automatically switches to High. If you still need Turbo mode, select it manually. When the temperature exceeds 60 ℃, the flashlight turns off automatically to avoid overheating.

Flashlight at work

Unfortunately, Sofirn does not have the same flexibility in choosing LEDs as the convoy (at least I did not see options with a non-cold light), so here we get only cold white light. But, this is not a blatant 6500K cold like the main super-budget bestseller s2 +, here the light is warmer and more comfortable, somewhere around 5500K.

There is no PWM flicker in any mode.

Light distribution is quite convenient to work near. Not quite close, as it would be more convenient with a textured reflector, but already somewhere from 3-4 meters to work with a flashlight is definitely comfortable. And, to be honest, for the bulk of users it will be convenient and close. I judge this from the perspective of a person who has the opportunity to compare. In general, in my opinion, there is a difference with S2 +, but from the standpoint of everyday use it is insignificant.

Sofirn SP32A v.2.0: the new king among budget flashlights? 24

Before talking about stabilization, it is worth mentioning about charging and the battery. The capacity of the latter at the discharge corresponds to the declared. Charging is simple, 0.5A, just put it at night to charge.

currents: 0.01-0.11-0.34-1.14-2.5A (most likely, the latter is wrong, since I have problems with measuring currents more than 2-3A). But, the photos and graphics below quite complement this all.

A pleasant surprise for me here was the availability excellent stabilization. And this is a big plus relative to the same convoy, where a small cost translates into a gradual decrease in brightness as the battery runs out.

In connection with some comments regarding my position regarding the fact that I say that there is no stabilization in convoys (in their mass), here are two graphs for comparison: classic s2 + and M2 on the biscotty driver (C8 + shows a similar figure). The difference is palpable and therefore I say that in one case there is stabilization, in the other not. I admit that I’m too critical here, because in lower modes this drop in brightness / min will be extremely insignificant, until at some point the eye will compensate for it simply by adapting. But, nevertheless, this is not a full straight line on the chart. Therefore, it’s easier for me to say that in one case there is stabilization, and in the other not.

s2 +

A 3 minute turbo is a sufficient amount of time to see everything you need. I was sincerely surprised. That's honest. One could expect that the full brightness in the turbo will only be on a fully charged battery. But no, including turbo time after time, I saw, in general, the same brightness for the same time. Here you can see that the declared thermoregulation really works. Without cooling, the brightness drops rapidly, with cooling it remains at one point on the same level.

Be that as it may, I did not expect to see anything like that in a flashlight with such a price tag. This is a huge, huge plus.

Yes and 2 and a half hours stabilized high at a brightness of about 500 lumens is also enough for almost any household purpose within a radius of about fifty meters. At the same time I ran a test with the most popular budget Liitokala Panasonic NCR18650B batteries – the result is even better.

Well, here's how the flashlight shines. It is clear that there is no point in waiting for any real range, for this you need a fundamentally different flashlight. Your flashlight for your own purposes. And Sofirn SP32A v2.0, as I mentioned above, is quite good in the radius of fifty meters. And if we are talking about a closed room such as a basement, then even more so.

Of course, since I see him as a clear contender for the title of the best budget flashlight, I will compare it with the long-term leader of this segment – Convoy S2 +

Sofirn SP32A v.2.0: the new king among budget flashlights? 35

and here are 50 meters.

Sofirn SP32A v.2.0: the new king among budget flashlights? 36Sofirn SP32A v.2.0: the new king among budget flashlights? 37

There is a video review to the heap, everything is more clear here.

General impressions

They are extremely positive. All the same (and even worse, especially with regard to stabilization) could be easily seen at the nightcore or phoenix, only 2-3 times more expensive. For its price, a flashlight seems extremely successful from the point of view of everyday use of a thing.

Yes, he does not stagger his imagination with brightness or range. But they are definitely sufficient for a regular flashlight, and a decent range of modes (and who needs it, you can even more precisely adjust the brightness for yourself in stepless adjustment) is convenient for almost all situations of everyday use.

In case of emergency, you can fry the turbo over and over again, thermoregulation is responsible here.

A huge, exceptional plus for me was a full-fledged solid stabilization, which I did not expect to see in a flashlight with such a price. In this regard, Sofirn SP32A v2.0 is fundamentally better than S2 +, and the purchase, in view of the above, in the review of the latter can only be justified from the standpoint of frank and maximum savings or constraint in funds.

+ appearance
+ price
+ stabilization and thermoregulation
+ management
+ Brightness quite decent for everyday purposes.

– only cold light

If Sofirn does the built-in charging and gives an option with a neutral light, managing to meet $ 25, then in my opinion this will be an unambiguous bestseller.

I looked at the Sofir with neglect for a long time. Partly from the fact that they, such scoundrels, did not want to cooperate with me, so what should I hide? This model completely turned my mind about this manufacturer. They managed to make a year-old EDC flashlight in the frankly budget segment. This model will scare away many sophisticated flashlights with a simple interface (and even the option with stepless brightness adjustment will not help here), a simple appearance and simple light. But for a simple user who is looking for a simple flashlight for simple purposes, this model will certainly fit. I think that I am sincerely ready to advise this flashlight to those who will ask me something inexpensive and decent. For this reason, I am adding a flashlight to my first list in the list below.

If you are looking for a gift for someone from friends of men, a gift from the category of "inexpensive and useful", then Sofirn SP32A v2.0 will be the very option. Here already who wants to, buys the kit right away, who wants to take separately acc + charge (although I don’t see any obvious savings here). In the garage, basement, garden, just when walking back and forth, he will prove himself to be the best. By the way, many use S2 + as a bicycle light, not taking into account a smooth drop in brightness. Here the light is stabilized, you can ride without fear that in an hour the brightness will drop to half. I emphasize that I do not cherish this model, it works out its penny price tag honestly. But the point of all of the above is that with such a difference in price it is justifiable to add a little and get a radically better flashlight.

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