Solution for when my tablet does not turn on stays in the logo

by Kelvin

Solution for when my tablet does not turn on stays in the logo 4

A recurring problem that many tablets have, regardless of the brand, is that when they are turned on, the screen stays in the logo. Mainly it happens with Android tablets, Samsung and also with those of Chinese brands. It is certainly something very annoying, that's why we have the solution for you not to say again: my tablet does not turn on stays in the logo.

Why does this happen?

solve tablet stays in the logo


Unfortunately, most cases in which this happens have to do with operating system errors. Sometimes it happens that by downloading an application infected with malware, the computer is indisposed due to contamination.

Thanks to these malicious software or viruses, the operating system is damaged and sometimes destroyed. This is why it happens that my tablet does not turn on stays in the Android logo or simply in the brand.

tablet stays in the logo

What needs to be done to solve the problem is to reset the tablet to its factory settings using the Software Recovery. It is important to keep in mind that this option eliminates all data and configurations of the equipment. So you won't be able to recover anything you had saved unless you've previously made a backup.

You should verify that your tablet has side buttons (not all brands have). So, to enter Recovery we must have the device completely off. Then, press the volume down and power buttons at the same time. An English menu will appear on the screen with some options that we must select in a certain order.

Next, we tell you the order of these options for when my tablet does not turn on it stays in the logo.

Clean, reset and solve

Solution for when my tablet does not turn on stays in the logo 5

In order to scroll through the menu mentioned above, we must use the Volume (+ or -) buttons.

  • Wipe data / factory reset: this is the first option to select. All data, applications, files and settings stored on the tablet are cleaned with it. This way it looks like factory.
  • Reboot system now: this is the next option to choose. Selecting it will restart automatically and start the operating system as normal. At this point it may take a while for the process, since all the necessary system add-ons are being reconfigured. Therefore, it is necessary to have some patience.

Once these steps are ready, your tablet will start normally. We recommend being careful when downloading applications from independent developers. Or simply when documents or files are downloaded from the internet that could be infected.

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