Solution LG K40 turns on but stays in the LOGO ✅

by Kelvin
▷ Solution LG K40 turns on but stays in the LOGO ✅

One of the new phones that is on the market is the LG K40 which has an excellent purchase price and other very good features, which is above many models that cost the same. While LG K40 is considered as a mid-range smartphone, it has very good performance in both daily use, apps and games.

LG K40 stays in the logo and restarts

But many of those who have already bought the K40 have had problems with the Software in which when the phone is turned on the device stays in the logo and then constantly restarts without entering Android. This problem is called «Bootloop» where the device enters a loop of reboot repetitions where it fails to successfully enter Android.


This problem directly affects Android, in this case the LG K40 has the version of Android 8.1 Oreo, which has often happened in different brands with the same version of the operating system, which can be corrected, but first we will explain how to solve this problem that remains in the logo and restarts.

Why LG K40 does not pass the logo when turning on

To solve this problem, it is necessary to reinstall the Android operating system on the LG K40, which should be done from the Recovery mode of the mobile, which is very easy to do, but you should know that doing this will eliminate all data stored in the internal memory of the phone.

To begin, make sure you have the phone's battery charged, otherwise you will have to perform the procedure with the charger connected to the mobile, the first thing you should do is turn off the phone.

To enter Recovery mode there are two ways in LG phones, one is by pressing the buttons Volume down + On, in case it does not enter the menu you must press Volume Down + Quick and Power Button For a few seconds to start entering Recovery, once you turn on you must release the power button, soon when you enter release all the buttons. To navigate within the LG K40 Recovery Mode you must use the volume buttons to increase or decrease and the power button to enter.

Solution LG K40 turns on but stays in the LOGO ✅ 2

LG K40 stays in the LG logo and restarts every so often

You will find a menu very similar to that of the previous image, so to give solution to the LG K40 that stays in the logo, for this the first thing you should do is go to the option wipe data / factory reset where then you must click on the option Yes delete all user data.

Then again you will appear in the main menu, so this time you just have to use the first option called Reboot system now To restart the phone and start with the installation of Android, it usually takes a few minutes to complete, so you must be patient.

In case you cannot solve this problem with the previous method, the most certain thing is that you have to download the program to a computer or PC LG Repair Tool, since the operating system has probably been damaged, so you can also go to the LG technical service to resolve this fault since it is covered by the warranty.