Solutions to problems with Android Auto on the Xiaomi Mi 9 and Mi 9T

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Solutions to problems with Android Auto on the Xiaomi Mi 9 and Mi 9T


Android Auto It is an excellent tool from Google so that Android phones can focus better on the road. In this way our mobile phone changes the interface and encourages us to touch the screen less. If you are a new owner of a Xiaomi Mi 9 or Mi 9T and have problems with Android Auto, read on because you can solve them easily.

The problems of the Xiaomi Mi 9 and Mi 9T with Android car are known. The application can give problems when starting or not to synchronize correctly with the mobile, which means that we cannot use it correctly when we get behind the wheel. First of all, it is possible that if your mobile is new, it is not correctly updated. Xiaomi has launched an update that a priori corrects all problems of the Mi 9 and Mi 9T with Android Auto. Therefore the first step before doing anything is to check if we have pending MIUI updates.

Update the system

For this we go to Settings / About phone / System Updates / Check for updates. If there is an update pending, the first thing will be to update the terminal and wait for it to restart. Then we can check if the problems with Android Auto have disappeared. If the problem still remains updated to the latest version of MIUI, we can try the following solutions:

And if it continues to fail?

If the error you skip is that when you open the Android Auto app skip a screenshot of error related to Google services, the solution is to clear the cache of the App from Google services. To do this we go to Settings / Installed Applications and we give the 3 dots above to the right to select "Show all applications" In the search we write "Google Play Services" and once inside the app we select «Clear data / Clear cache». Now the Android Auto app should start correctly.

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Android Auto bug in Mi 9

The other common fault that Android Auto can give in the Mi 9 and Mi 9T is the one that appears on a screenshot as "Communication Error 16". This problem is related to the dual applications installed in the system, but this does not mean that they cannot be had. The solution is the next:

Android Auto bug in Mi 9 01

  • Remove the dual applications that you have installed.
  • Delete all residuals from dual apps from Settings / Dual Applications
  • Touch on “Delete dual application accounts”
  • We wait for 5 seconds and once the countdown is finished we click on Delete and restart.

Then we can configure Android Auto correctly on our mobile. When we have it ready, we can reinstall the dual apps without the error reappearing.

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