SomNote or how to make sure you never forget anything with your smartphone

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SomNote or how to make sure you never forget anything with your smartphone 1


Not at all smartphones With Android they include apps to make notes and, while not credible, they are quite interesting because they are very useful on many occasions (such as when shopping or, simply, writing down what to do at certain times of the day). If you want to try something simple and complete, SomNote You probably can't miss it.

One of the great features of this development is that it works with terminal not very strong, because we tested SomNote with a 2 GB RAM terminal and it performed really well. Also, there is no high level of restrictions on Android versions, since having 4.3 or higher makes it possible to use it without difficulty. On the other hand, something that doesn't really convince us is work not translated. This is not so serious because of low language dependency, but it is important to consider.

SomNote interface

The application is well designed, as the icon size and position are normal, so there is no loss. In addition, the neutral colors on the interface make it totally embarrassing to use SomNote. There are some early news outlets that have advice and it's good to not get lost when you start using the work. In addition, there is no shortage of highly demanded possibilities in the development of this type, such as creation folder or can use related files like a picture.


Regarding the stability offered by the title, we found no problems, because after updating to the latest version, we found no failure to run the application on different devices to test it. By the way, memory usage is very low, even if left in the background… something very positive if you don't have a high-end terminal.

SomNote or how to make sure you don't forget anything with your smartphone 2 SomNote application options

A wide selection of applications and applications

Creating a note is easy, because you just have to press the cursor with the symbol «+»At the top right of the SomNote interface. Later, it is possible to start writing and adding multimedia elements. For this there are two elements in the upper belt that have this function. With them, for example, it might be from making a Photo and add it to the note or he'll enter a section called «skecth»It allows you to draw freely using different tips and colors. In other words, there are many possibilities in the work we are talking about.

SomNote or how to make sure you don't forget anything with your smartphone 3 Share with SomNote

SomNote is not without its potential send note to a folder you have created (this must be done first on the home screen of the interface) and even highlight a note in a color that allows it to be quickly identified with the other saved. By the way, there are options for shared content created with other developments installed, such as email or WhatsApp itself.

We really like the number of options SomNote has to offer in its settings (this is possible even with the free version). It's probably from changing source is used, it is possible to use larger and smaller ones, until you set the synchronization parameter at cloud… Because it is possible to store your information in this way so that it will not be lost. By the way, there is also the possibility of changing the theme used in the interface … there is even a shop for it.

SomNote or how to make sure you don't forget anything with your smartphone 4 SomNote application settings

Download the SomNote application

This development is downloadable free of charge both in Galaxy Store it like it is on the Play Store, so it's easy and secure. With good reliability and a lot of options, it's an extension that needs to be warned … something for many consumers will be perfect even when shopping.

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Download SomNote at Galaxy The store

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