Sony bought Insomniac Games! More exclusive on the way?

by Kelvin

According to Sony's latest revelation, we learn that Sony will buy Insomniac Games. This honestly does not end up surprising us. After all, the relationship between the two companies has always been very good.

In addition, as you may already know, Insomniac Games has already created several exclusive Playstation games. Therefore this acquisition may be more than explained.


But what are the exclusive Playstation that were created by this studio?

Sony bought Insomniac Games! More exclusive on the way? 1

The relationship between Sony and Insomniac Games has become much closer since exclusive games such as Spyro the Dragon, Resistance or even the well-known Spider-Man were a hit on PS4.

However, this studio also created some great games for Xbox One. In fact, we can say that they were really very good. Examples are Sunset Overdrive, which was the first Xbox One exclusive.

However, this is probably something that Sony does not like. After all, its biggest rival in the market is Microsoft. So this could also be one of the most obvious reasons why Sony bought the studio.

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Insomniac Games

Here's what was said on the official Playstation website:

“We have to reveal that the Insomniac Games studio will be joining Playstation. And we are indeed very honored and thrilled to join forces with this studio we consider legendary. ”

“We have been making the most of this strong partnership all these years, and we are very excited to welcome them to the Playstation family now.”

In short, we still don't know for sure if there are any little things already prepared by Insomniac Games. But one thing is for sure… We will certainly have news very soon.

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