Sony buys Insomniac Games, developers of ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Ratchet & Clank’

by Kelvin

Quite surprisingly, Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced the purchase of Insomniac Games, developers responsible for games like Resistance, Sunset overdrive, Ratchet & Clank Y Spider-man. Through your account TwitterPlayStation made it official that the studio based in Burbank, California, will join the rest of its internal teams to create exclusive titles:

Great news: Insomniac Games joins the PlayStation world studios! We are honored and delighted to join forces with this legendary developer. Join us to congratulate our friends and partners of Insomniac! "

Both companies have a history of very important collaborations on the PlayStation platforms, the most recent being that of the arachnid superhero. As is often the case in these types of agreements, none of the parties involved has disclosed the amount of the acquisition. Without a doubt, it is one of the most important movements in the industry in recent years.


Just in July we announced Sony's interest in buying new developer studios. The strategy, which has started as of today, will allow them strengthen the catalog of exclusive games on the PlayStation 5. According to recent reports, the console would reach the market during the last quarter of 2020, and its final presentation would take place in February of the same year.

Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said at the time that "content is becoming more important than ever". In fact, launching a large number of exclusives on the PlayStation has allowed them to dominate the current generation. The console recently reached 100 million units sold worldwide.

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