Sony has sold more than 100 million Playstation 4

by Kelvin
Sony has sold more than 100 million Playstation 4 1

The Sony Playstation 4 It has become the most popular console in the company's history exceeding 100 million units sold in less time than the mythical Playstation 2.

In fact it is the console that has managed to sell that number faster in the history of video games, faster than the Wii, inclusive. It took 5 years and 9 months for PS2. It has taken the PS4 5 years and 7 months.


The Playstation 4 has been a silent success for Sony, launched at a time when everything that was talked about, looked at and analyzed in technology were smartphones, but with the passage of time it has become increasingly important and relevant in the lounge of millions of people. I sold 19 million in 2017 and 17.8 million in 2018.

Sony He highlighted another important milestone: more than 50% of people who have a Playstation 4 get games through downloads, which means that digital sales finally surpassed physics.

Now the company looks to the next frontier, the Playstation 5 which would be launched in autumn 2020. Among other things it will support 8K, it will have an eight-core processor based on the Ryzen third generation of AMD, 3D audio, SSD storage and backward compatibility with the Playstation 4 Y Playstation 3.

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