Sony is inspired by the colors of the iPhone in its new PS4 controls

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Sony is inspired by the colors of the iPhone in its new PS4 controls 1

When Apple announced its first iPhone in rose gold, other manufacturers followed the trend and began offering phones and other gadgets in this color. Four years later and with the fever almost overcome, Sony has decided to launch a controller for PlayStation 4 in version Rose gold.

Control is part of the new collection of DualShock 4 for the desktop console that will be available in September. Sony has boarded the rose gold train not only with this command, but also with the wireless headphones for PS4 They will share the design and arrive in November.

The collection also includes models in Titanium Blue, Electric Purple and Camouflaged Red. Judging by the ad trailer, the finish of the first two will be similar to the pink variant and combine with the iPhone and other gadgets you could have.

Sony is inspired by the colors of the iPhone in its new PS4 controls 2


The DualShock 4 Red Camouflaged is added to the line of official controls with this pattern, in which there are models in green, blue and gray that have been commercialized for a long time. The company seems to want cover the lack of games with new peripherals, a tactic that Microsoft has exploited with its custom controls for Xbox One.

Sony will sell its new line of controls from September at a price of 69.90 euroswhile the rose gold headphones will be sold in 89.90 euros.

The cost does not seem to vary with respect to the current models, so in Mexico we could expect them to be sold in $ 1,399 pesos (control) and $ 2,499 pesos (headphones). Prices are suggested, so they could change depending on the distributor.

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