Sony Mobile collapses in Europe and closes in Sweden

by Kelvin
Sony Mobile collapses in Europe and closes in Sweden

Sony is still in the doldrums in its mobile division, and its bad sales results play against it.

The following victims have been employees of the mobile division in Sweden, since Sony Mobile staff in Lund He has been informed of the continuation of the savings program that is currently running in Sony Mobile worldwide, where the objective is to reduce costs in half a year until the end of March next year.

In addition to the 200 people affected last fall, 60 other people now run the risk of losing their jobs. In addition, Sony Mobile Communications AB will cease to be a company. Instead, Lund employees have Sony Nordic (Denmark) as a new employer and become part of Sony's operations in Europe.


Sony Mobile will merge with Sony Nordic in the face of bad results.

"We have a rather difficult savings objective and we have seen that the 200 that we did not notify in November are sufficient, but unfortunately we will see some redundancy in addition to that. In total, these are about 260 services that are at risk of being eliminated during this two-year period ”Says Stefan Andersson, Sony area manager in Lund.

The new notification applies so much to Engineers as support staff. Among other things, some dual functions will be saved when the remaining personnel in the mobile area is transferred to Sony Nordic.

In addition to the 260 services that have been notified, another 150 people have been affected by the savings program. Around 100 people now work in a research and development unit of the entire group that opened in Lund during the spring.

About 50 people have moved to Network Communications Europe, which works with business development and partnerships with start-up companies. This means that costs are no longer a burden for the mobile area.

Although Sony Mobile Communication ending as a company in Lund, Stefan Andersson wants to emphasize that mobile development continues, despite the continuing declining sales figures reported this summer.

"In concrete terms, the mobile segment will remain. This is part of a long-term strategy in which we rationalize our ability to use our experience in wireless communication in more segments than mobile «Says Stefan Andersson.

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