Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5): The 10 details already confirmed!

by Kelvin
Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5): The 10 details already confirmed!

Sony PS5: The 10 Confirmed Details You Need to Know! – After months or even years of speculation around the PS5, Sony came out not only to confirm the console itself, but to share various details of its capabilities and technical specifications.

In short, Sony has already started announcing plans for its next generation of consoles! Interestingly enough, though, it wasn't through a super event like E3, PlayStation Experience, or anything like that… Not at all, it was even in an exclusive interview with the architect responsible for 'old lady' PS4 and now the new beast 'PS5' Mark Cerny by Wired magazine.


Mark Cerny: Sony Systems Architect Responsible for PS4 and PS5

But nothing was random, the magazine was even invited to Sony's headquarters, where he heard statements such as…

Sony's goal with the new console is not an evolution… but an authentic revolution!

ps5, Sony PS5:

This was undoubtedly a different move, but it proved to be correct. After all, the Internet has gone crazy with the news, and PlayStation 5 has not abandoned the minds of all fans since the launch of the interview.

This without spending a single penny, on advertising or on events!

That said, we already know what kind of console Sony is developing, so see:

  1. PlayStation 5 has been in development since 2015

In fact, many fans of PlayStation consoles were afraid that Microsoft would go all-in for the next generation to regain the dominance that Xbox 360 lost.

But apparently Sony was not in the mood to let this happen… So it started working on its new PS5 as early as 2015! (PS4 was released in 2013, meaning PS5 started to be developed before the release of PS4 Pro).

2. Real-time Ray-Tracing will be one of the key features of PlayStation 5


Contrary to what many believed, due to many doubts regarding AMD's Navi architecture… PS5 will really count on Ray Tracing in real time!

Just like the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20 graphics cards, which have made such a fuss in the PC market.

This feature will significantly increase the graphics quality of games due to the ability to 'mimic' the way light propagates in real life. Through reflections and refractions on all the most varied objects in a scenario.

This will greatly increase the immersion in play of several titles, which nowadays impress with their graphic quality, where I have to highlight the exclusive ones like Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War.

3. PlayStation 5 sound system has been completely redesigned

In the interview, the architect responsible for PS4 and now for PS5 mentioned that he was quite disappointed that he could not increase the sound quality between PS3 and PS4.

However, now this is one of Mark Cerny's biggest goals! Who even said:

  • “With the new console, the dream is to show a dramatically different sound experience! Increasing the resources we have available in this area. ”

Apparently the new console from Sony will be able to offer a 3D audio experience due to a completely redesigned sound system. Not only will it increase immersion in the game, it can also be used as a game tool, for example… to give soundtracks.

4. SSD storage is the key to winning in the next generation!

Sony PS5:

Interestingly enough, in the architect's only demonstration… We learned that the new PlayStation 5 aims to end the 'Loading' times!

In short, it was in this 'interview' that Mark Cerny revealed that Sony's new console will hit the market with a SSD ‘special’.

Unfortunately, it didn't reveal much more than this… However, the staff of the official magazine 'PlayStation Magazine' got their hands on some more information, after a Sony spokesman got their tongue in their teeth!

  • Our key to success in the new generation of consoles is a super fast SSD. Our vision is to make loading times a thing of the past. Allowing creators to build new and above all unique game experiences.

Undoubtedly, a very interesting official statement from Sony!


After all, historically, the speed of a hard drive has never been used to define the power or potential of a console.

That said, the reason why Sony is betting on the capabilities of its new SSD should be to not only have a differentiating factor, from what Microsoft may already present in E3 2019As well, ending one of the most annoying things for players today is Loading!

5. Death Stranding Can Be a Cross-Platform Game

The conversation with Mark Cerny was more focused on console hardware… However, there was a time when the game Death Stranding, the latest title of the iconic Hideo Kojima, was mentioned.

Of course soon after, a studio spokesman made it public that the game is confirmed for PlayStation 4! So it is very likely that the same thing happened with GTA V, coming out on PS3 and Xbox 360, and later on PS4 and Xbox One, bringing with it a number of graphics and extra enhancements.

6. PlayStation 5 will at least be compatible with PS4 games

Sony PS5:

One of the biggest flaws of PlayStation 4 is even the lack of compatibility with games of predecessor consoles. We have so many great games on PS1, PS2 and PS3, it's sad, not being able to put the CD on PS4, and taking a few hours of fun.

Microsoft knows that gamers like backwards compatibility, so it's working hard on functionality… And apparently, Sony has also begun to realize that it will have to follow the same path.

That said, we still don't know if the PS5 will support games from the old PS1, PS2 and PS3… But at least on PS4, it's already confirmed that it will happen!

Of course we have already seen several patents registered by Sony, which seem to suggest the emulation of older systems! Still, in fact, the PS3 processor is still a real nightmare so complicated it is… Which can complicate Sony's plans.

We have to wait and see what comes out of here.

7. Let's have a Blu Ray player

Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5): The 10 details already confirmed! 3

Although many 'experts' love to say in all new generations of consoles that copies of physical games are coming to the end of their lives… Behold, the Sony PlayStation 5 will continue to accept CDs as a beautiful and good one. console.

However, it is a doubt that has its value, especially after GameStop has had record losses in recent months… So if one of the biggest video game stores is struggling, then what is the future of physical games?

After all, more and more players prefer to buy online, neglecting the physical copies. Incidentally, the market is so real, that Microsoft itself an opportunity to launch a completely digital Xbox One.

However, according to an element of a studio currently working on a PS5 game. Gamers will be able to continue purchasing their games at the corner store, as the Blu-Rays player will hold on for another generation.

8. Sony PS5: The original PSVR helmet will still be compatible!

Sony PS5:

It was with some surprise that Mark Cerny stated that Virtual Reality is really one of the focal points of PS5, and more importantly, the original PSVR will be compatible with the new console!

A brutal decision by Sony, which ultimately ends up supporting all players who have decided to bet on this 'experience' of the company.

Of course, a new version with better specifications and a much simpler design should be released. (In fact, simpler is not difficult…)

But it's good to know that anyone who has spent about 300/400 € on their VR helmet is not required to spend more money.

9. PS5 will support 8K resolution

Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5): The 10 details already confirmed! 4

At a time when not even PS4 Pro can offer 4K60FPS natively, Sony has confirmed that PS5 will be able to reach 8K!

Of course the focus will be on achieving 4K 60FPS in all games… But with 4K TVs finally dropping in price, they are becoming increasingly 'Mainstream'.

That's why Sony is already thinking about the future, which means 8K TVs.

10. Sony PS5: The console will not be released in 2019!

PlayStation 5

At its most recent meeting with its investors, the company confirmed that PlayStation 5 will not be launched this fiscal year. If you don't know it, it will end on March 31, 2020.

Which to tell the truth, I fell in line with everything we have seen in the last 'Leaks' and rumors!

In fact, it also goes against my personal opinion!

That we will have a release pointing to the festivities of the year 2020. That is, towards the end of the year… Still, I think a lot will depend on what Microsoft announces at E3 2019.

After all, if Xbox Anaconda is unveiled as early as July, then Sony will have to respond accordingly.

Sony PS5: The 10 Confirmed Details You Need to Know – Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.


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