Sony presents a car player compatible with CarPlay and Android Auto with 9-inch screen and very good price

by Kelvin
Sony presents a car player compatible with CarPlay and Android Auto with 9-inch screen and very good price

Most of the cars that go on the market today integrate CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility among their features, so if you already have a car with this feature, you may not find this interesting.

On the other hand, if your car is already a few years old and is not compatible with any of these functions, the XAV-AX8000 player just announced by Sony You find it one of the most interesting.


This is the new Sony CarPlay player with 9-inch screen

The Japanese brand has opted for a player compatible with the iPhone's car entertainment system: Carplay and also with Android Auto, the version of the devices that use the operating system with the same name.

At present, the trend is that cars have larger screens and not to be left behind, the new Sony equipment It has an 8.95 inch screen. That is to say, practically the same size as the iPad, which will greatly facilitate the use of maps and tactile controls, avoiding distractions at the wheel as much as possible thanks to the possibility of having larger and more accessible icons.

The screen has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, contrast ratio 500: 1 and a brightness of 400 cd / m2, in addition to an anti-glare film that will be especially appreciated during sunny days.

New equipment compatible with Sony CarPlay

Of course the large screen of the device is adjustable in inclination, height and also in depth. This will allow easy access to 8 built-in physical buttons on the front of the screen and also get the best visibility of the display.

It also includes radio, Bluetooth and back camera support for easy parking. In the audio section, the device has technologies such as Dynamic Reality Amp and Dynamic Stage Organizer to offer better audio processing and improve stereo audio through the 4 channels of 55 W that it can handle.

The Sony XAV-AX8000 will have a starting price of $ 599.99 and will arrive in stores in December. A very tight price taking into account its characteristics and especially the large size of the touch screen included.

The "negative" part that also partly justifies the price being so low, is that Not compatible with CarPlay and Android Auto Wireless. To use this function of mobile operating systems it will be necessary that the smartphone is always connected via a USB cable.

Despite this, an option to consider if you want to renew the navigation and entertainment system of your car.

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