Sony registers PlayStation 5 design as possible devkit

by Kelvin

THE Sony has revealed several details about its future console, informally PlayStation 5: It will support 8K, will play 4K content at 120Hz frequency rate, and will come with SSD for faster performance than on PS4. The company has registered the design of a console in Brazil, and it may be the PS5 game developer kit.

PlayStation 5 at INPI


Sony Interactive Entertainment applied for industrial design registration for this electronic device in May 2019; It was granted last August 13th by INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property).

The document mentions the name “Yusuhiro Ootori”, which probably refers to Yasuhiro Ootori, Sony's engineering director who worked on the PlayStation 4 – in 2013 he took apart the console in a video from Wired.

The Dutch Website LetsGoDigital found this design because, when registered with INPI, it appeared in a system of the EUIPN (European Union Intellectual Property Network) that brings together industrial designs from over 60 countries, including Brazil.

Sony may have different design for PlayStation 5

This should be the developer kit, not the final design of the PlayStation 5, given the amount of ports on the front. Sony distributes a pre-release version of the console prior to release to game developers; she doesn't have to worry about aesthetics so much because the end product for consumers tends to look different.

PlayStation 5 at INPI

The device has several air vents, apparently to cool internal components like AMD's processor and graphics chip. O TechRadar also noted something interesting: the V-shape, which corresponds to 5 in Roman numerals.

Sony confirms that the PlayStation 5 will come with SSD to load games faster; will support ray tracing technology for more realistic lighting; will continue to accept physical media; and will be compatible with all titles already released for PS4.

The PS5 will be the competitor of the upcoming Xbox, tentatively called by Microsoft Project Scarlett. Both will be launched in 2020.

Sony device front view:

PlayStation 5 at INPI

And the rear:

PlayStation 5 at INPI

INPI device registration:

PlayStation 5 at INPI

With information: LetsGoDigital, TechRadar.