Sony renews XBR 4K TVs in Brazil for up to $ 36,000; know

by Kelvin

XBR 4K TVs are renewed in Brazil keeping TRILUMINOS technology, Android TV and inaugurates Hands-free feature; meet the models

Sony has announced the relaunch of 3 Sony XBR 4K TV models to the Brazilian market to be incorporated into its national portfolio. The news smart TVs XBR 4K X955G, X855G and X805G, are equipped with the Android TV operating system, have 4K HDR-compatible 4K resolution LED display and also marks the debut of the technology hands free on a smart TV from Sony, which allows interaction with the TV without the need for the remote control.


In addition to 4K KDR technology, the relaunches feature Sony's proprietary imaging technology, TRILUMINS, which works on laboratory-created semiconductors using special nanocrystals so small that they have quantum properties. They emit light at specific, predetermined wavelengths, allowing them to offer a 50% increase in the range of colors the screen can produce.

"Equipped with Google Assistant, these TVs really talk to users and even let them make their homes much smarter because they offer the ability to control automation systems and other Google Home compatible devices."

Walter Sinohara, Marketing Manager, Sony TV Division

Once launched in the Brazilian market, the new models will be prepared to support other types of assistants, such as the Amazon Alexa and the Apple Toolkit. Meet the models below with their respective prices and sizes:

Sony XBR 4K X955G

The XBR 4K X955G has the Hands-Free function, which allows interaction with the TV without the need for remote control.The XBR 4K X955G has the Hands-Free function, which allows interaction with the TV without the need for remote control.

Top of the line, XBR 4K X955G is a TV that is equipped with an exclusive system of backlight called X-tended Dynamic Range, which allows you to individually control each of the screen's LEDs, providing much more contrast to the colors that are displayed. In addition, thanks to X-Motion Clarity, the TV also offers much clearer and brighter moving images compared to other TVs without the function.

THE X955G also features a new way to interact with voice control TV thanks to Hands-free, allowing interaction with the TV without the need for the remote control. With this technology it is possible, for example, to turn on the TV just by requesting this command, since the unit has a built-in microphone. All of this is possible precisely by integrating the model with Google Assistant devices and soon the Amazon Alexa.

Another news is that smart TV comes with the Netflix Calibration Mode, a new function that allows you to calibrate the screen, a function that has been structured so that streaming content, such as Netflix, is reproduced with a more faithful experience to the proposal of each content produced for the platform. The same function can be used to calibrate the screen for console gaming experiences such as the Playstation.

The TV is available in sizes 55, 65 and 75 and 85 with prices ranging from $ 7,399.99 to $ 35,999.99.

Sony XBR 4K X855G

Sony XBR 855G is on Netflix Recommended TV ListSony XBR 855G is on Netflix Recommended TV List

THE XBR 4K X855G It has a sleek, sleek design and is available in silver color and has a cable management system inside the TV base, providing a better harmony where the TV is positioned in users' homes.

The model also has the exclusive system Acoustic Multi-Audio, which is compatible with the technology Dolby ATMOS. Already the new remote is very smart and has a processor X1 4K HDR. The display is equipped with the technology TRILUMINS, which, combined with all systems and technologies, ensure a home theater experience for movie-loving users. This model is also on the list of TVs that are recommended by streaming company Netflix.

THE Sony XBR 4K X855G It is available in 55 ″ for the price of $ 6,399.99.

Sony XBR 4K X805G

Sony XBR X805G Focuses on Artificial IntelligenceSony XBR X805G Focuses on Artificial Intelligence

THE XBR 4K X805G, focused on artificial intelligence, also comes to the country with display TRILUMINS, processing 4K X-Reality PRO is the new Android 8.0 Oreo. The operating system has the artificial intelligence of Google Assistant, and is available in Portuguese. With this integration, smart TV can be used to control automation systems and other Google Home compatible devices, making users' homes increasingly integrated, connected and smart.

The TV is available in sizes 49, 55, 65 and 75, with prices ranging from $ 4,099.99 to $ 10,799.99.

Pricing and Availability

Sony XBR 4K X955G

55 ″R $ 7,399.99Available
65 ″$ 11,299.99Available
75 ″R $ 19,999.99Available
85 ″R $ 35,999.99October

Sony XBR 4K X855G

55 ″R $ 6,399.99Available

Sony XBR 4K X805G

49 ″R $ 4,099.99September
55 ″R $ 4,999.99September
65 ″R $ 6,499.99October
75 ″$ 10,799.99October

What did you think of the new XBR 4K TVs gives Sony? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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