Sony WH-XB900N is the definitive headphone for the Extra Bass line.

by Kelvin
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The WH-XB900N is the culmination of the entire Extra Bass lineup, combining sound quality with cutting-edge technology on Sony's most premium headphones.

THE Sony has been on all music lovers' shopping lists with the WH-1000XM3. However, the big setback is its price, reaching the base of R $ 1,700 at the official store. With that in mind, the WH-XB900N comes with all the features that made the company's top-of-the-range headphone a success at a lower price. Consumers of the line Extra bass enjoy active noise cancellation, touch controls and a long battery life.


Is the headphone worth it? You can now check out our full review.


O WH-XB900N It is made of plastic with aluminum extenders, weighing only 254 grams, which is very good considering the high portability of the product. The headphone may feel fragile at first, but the plastic has proven to be very durable and flexible. Speaking of flexibility, the WH-XB900N It has rotary and foldable earphones for easy transport.

Comfort is another very strong point, the soundproofing pads are amazing and surround the ear with a lot of quality. The same material as the pads can be found on the top of the headphone and does not cause pain or discomfort over long periods of use.

WH-XB900N design is stylish and very comfortable, perfect for long periods of use

O WH-XB900N It has only 2 physical buttons: the first one adjusts noise cancellation and the second activates the voice assistant. They are well positioned on the left earphone, but it takes a while to get used to pressing the corresponding button.

Still on the left side are the exit USB-C for loading and the entrance P2 for use in wired mode. THE Sony Once again you are right to give possibilities to the user and the wired connection helps at times when the battery runs out and there are no outlets nearby.

Touch controls are made on the right earphone and are very responsive. Sliding up increases the volume, down decreases the volume, to the left the track goes backward and to the right advances one track. There is also the command to press to activate the surround sound, making the user hear what is happening around them.


O WH-XB900N It's amazing when it comes to the sound quality. Once again the line Extra bass delivers a superior product to many headphones on the market.

The frequencies are well distributed overall and the experience of listening to music is very satisfactory. However, from all the line Extra bass, the bass here is a little too strong. For users who don't handle manual equalization, this can be a nuisance for those looking for something more balanced.

However, for those who like a more prevalent bass like in headphones Beats, will find in WH-XB900N a differentiated bass feeling experience as the sub bass They are extremely good and well defined.

WH-XB900N DesignThe sound quality of the WH-XB900N is impressive, everything is reproduced with great power and definition.

These bass can still be controlled directly in the application. Sony Headphones Connect in an easy and intuitive way, making the headphone a little more balanced and flexible for many different music genres.

Even focusing on bass, mids and trebles have great definition and brightness to hear even the simplest details of songs. Songs like Algorithm and The void of the band Muse are beautiful to hear – all the synths, arpeggiatorsSupporting orchestras, vocals, and choirs are more evident than competitive headphones.

O WH-XB900N still follows the technology DSEE which improves songs in low quality. Technology makes the difference in listening to music at the lowest settings of streaming services. In addition, the headphone is technology-ready 360 Reality Audio gives Sony which will be launched in the second half of 2019.

The headphone fits very well for watching movies and playing games on the PC. Allied to technology Dolby Atmos for Headphones for Windows 10, the immersion is complete and very satisfactory.

O noise cancellation Active music makes this whole experience so much better by eliminating most external noise and giving full and unique emphasis to the music.

Battery and connection

O WH-XB900N It is very competent in drums. According to the Sony, the headphone can hold up to 30 hours of playback with the noise cancellation switched on. During our two-week tests, it only needed to be recharged. 2 times, as the headphone was used around 3/4 hours daily.

WH-XB900N Pads30-hour battery allows user to stay away from power outlets for days

Charging via USB-C only makes the experience more satisfying with the presence of fast charging technology, the full charge will be completed in just 1:30 am. And for those who forget to charge their headphone and need it right away, in just 10 minutes charge he is able to reproduce almost 2 hours Music

The connection is via Bluetooth 4.2which may seem a bit old fashioned in 2019. However, the connection turned out to be of a very good quality, without flaws and choking. The headphone also connects via P2 cable which helps if the battery runs out or some device doesn't have a bluetooth connection.

Microphone and voice assistant

THE Sony is betting on voice assistants And all company releases are coming with integrated function and dedicated button. Most Brazilian audiences still do not use assistants, but technology shows that it is possible to optimize time with just a few simple voice commands.

WH-XB900N MicrophoneThe voice assistant allows the user to optimize their day by simple and intuitive commands.

O WH-XB900N understands commands perfectly and executes them very quickly. You can add a reminder, listen to notifications, send messages via Whatsapp, ask questions about any subject and more.

The microphone present here is of superior quality to the present in WH-XB700. Calls and voice messages became clearer and without much external noise. During testing, I also used the headphone as an online gaming headset and the quality was exceptional even without a directional microphone.

Sony Headphones Connect App

The application Sony Headphones Connect Complements the experience by bringing in very exciting features such as setting the surround sound, boosting and lowering the bass, controlling the position of the 3D audio, setting assistant settings, enabling / disabling noise control.

The app is available for download via Apple Store or Google Play.


O Sony Extra Bass Headphone WH-XB900N is what we can call almost perfect. All line releases Extra bass culminate here, combining comfort, technology and cutting-edge sound quality. With well-defined frequencies and a high quality bass, the Sony once again establishes its name as the leading company in this segment.

O WH-XB900N goes on sale this Monday with a suggested retail price of R $ 1,299.00.

What did you think of Extra Bass WH-XB900N? Leave your opinion of the comments.

ConnectivityBluetooth 4.2 with NPC / P2-P2 Connection
Codec: SBC, AAC, aptX
Drums30 hours duration
Frequency response20 Hz – 20,000 Hz (44.1 kHz Sampling) / 20hz
40,000 Hz (96 kHz LDAC sampling, 990 kbps)
Impendance50 ohm
ColorBlack blue
PriceR $ 1,299.00
  • Design – 10/10
  • Sound – 9/10
  • Drums – 10/10
  • Comfort – 10/10
  • Microphone – 8.5 / 10
  • Noise Canceling – 9.5 / 10

9.5 / 10

Sony WH-XB900N is the definitive headphone for the Extra Bass line.

The WH-XB900N is the culmination of the entire Extra Bass lineup, combining sound quality with cutting-edge technology on Sony's most premium headphones.


  • Stylish and comfortable design
  • Very high quality sound
  • Bass with great sub bass
  • Noise cancellation
  • Voice assistant
  • Connectivity


  • Bass are a little too strong
  • Microphone needs some improvements

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