Sony Xperia 1: high-end smartphone catches embarrassing swatter

by Kelvin
Sony Xperia 1: high-end smartphone catches embarrassing swatter

Weak details, far too dark: The DxOMark experts took a close look at the camera capabilities of the Sony Xperia 1 – and the result is simply disappointing. In comparison to the competition from Huawei and Samsung, Sony's current flagship just can not keep up.

Sony Xperia 1: flagship falls through in the camera test

The Sony Xperia 1, which came on the market in June 2019 after some delay, did not look good in the DxOMark camera test. In the end, the experts could give the phone only a total score of 91 – the competition is already much further and get three-digit results. The front runners from the house of Huawei and Samsung need not worry about being replaced by Sony.


For the Sony Xperia 1 it is enough with its 91 points in the camera test only for the 33rd place. Even the iPhone 8 from Apple, which came on the market in September 2017, can easily be placed in front of Sony's current top mobile phone. While testing the selfie camera it looks a bit better, but a 12th place behind the Galaxy S9 Plus from Samsung is certainly no reason to celebrate.

Our impression of the Sony Xperia 1 is here in the video:

Sony flagship with many problems

The DxOMark testers have identified a whole host of weaknesses in the Xperia 1. Pictures are far too dark according to the experts, the exposure leaves much to be desired. The HDR mode could also be better, whether the images are created outdoors or indoors. Things look even worse with the details, which the test says are washed out – especially at the edges of the photos. Even the double optical zoom does not do its job properly, so the conclusion.

However, the testers also have something positive to report. albeit to a much lesser degree. The autofocus does its job well and in low light conditions, the colors are still captured well. The stabilization of videos succeeds the Sony Xperia 1 also quite good.

We have also subjected the Sony Xperia 1 to a camera test:

Sony Xperia 1: weaknesses in the software

Sony is synonymous with the Xperia 1 almost traditionally in front of a software problem that contributes significantly to the poor rating at DxOMark. Without optimization, it turns out again that the Group can no longer keep up with the competition. On the other hand, it is not on the hardware again, after all, other manufacturers like to buy the camera modules at Sony.

Overall, the smartphone business for Sony does not run very well. In the second quarter of 2019, the Group was only able to sell 900,000 mobile phones, a significant decline compared to the same quarter last year, when two million units were still sold.

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