SP and CPTM subway test fare payment with QR Code

by Kelvin

This Tuesday (3), the Government of the State of São Paulo began testing the payment of tariffs via QR Code in some seasons of the Subway and CPTM. The initiative is part of the payment system modernization plan for both companies.

CPTM Train


The State Secretariat of Metropolitan Transportation (STM) is responsible for the project. The idea is to offer users more convenience while reducing costs related to ticket sales and validation.

This is because the QR Code can be printed at the time of purchase and thus the box office is not dependent on the availability of traditional magnetic stripe tickets, which still have the disadvantage of having higher production cost.

In addition, the QR Code can also be made available in applications. With this, the user can buy tickets on his own mobile and avoid the lines of the box office.

The tests will last 45 days. Seven stations are participating in the experiment:

  • CPTM: Race Track (Line 9 – Esmeralda), Tamanduateí (Line 10 —Turquesa), Don Bosco (Line 11 – Coral) and Guarulhos Airport (Line 13 – Jade)
  • Subway: São Judas (Line 1 – Blue), Paradise (Line 1— Blue and 2 – Green) and Pedro II (Line 3 – Red)

Each station has two locks (turnstiles) with validator for QR Code. For now, the tickets are only single and follow the current fare (R $ 4,30). They can be purchased by debit card and printed at the self-service machines available at the stations.

Tickets are also sold at the box office with cash payment. However, for the first 15 days of testing, this option will only be available from 9:00 to 16:00. Subsequently, box office sales will be made throughout the business hours.

You can also make a credit card purchase through the VouD app, available for Android and iOS. The app displays the QR Code on the smartphone screen, so ticket printing is not required.

Voud app with QR Code (image: Metro)

As this is a test phase, QR Code tickets are valid until October 18 (2019). However, STM recommends that paper tickets be used within three days of purchase to prevent code printing from being damaged.

Final implementation of QR Code tickets will depend on the test results. The idea is not unprecedented: CPTM even tested QR Code tickets in 2016, but the project did not progress.